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Our next SEP Conferences are Thursday, January 10, 2019.

We are excited to have our student leaders showcase their skills in Student Led Conferences on this evening. Sign Ups will be a little different this time. You will sign up for an hour block that works for your schedule and you can come anytime in that hour block. If you want to schedule a one-on-one appointment with the teacher there are some slots for that from 8:00-8:30 on this evening or you can work out a different day and time with your child's teacher.

Click here to get to the SEP Sign Up Page. 
Find your child's teacher name and sign up for a time.

Getting smart with Netsmartz


Barnett Bulldogs received a great lesson on Internet safety. The presenter, Cole, spoke to students about many important things reguarding technology and the internet. He spoke on keeping personal information private. Never share your information with someone you don’t know. He also spoke about the truths of what you post online, stays online.  Another important point Barnett student’s learned was that we need to make the Internet a happier place. Cyberbullying happens quite frequently, but we can spark a change in this and be good citizens online.

Barnett's Science Fair

Gwen Spencer, Angela Stoddard

Everyone likes a good science fair, but when you are at Barnett Elementary, you will get the BEST science fair! This is such a great opportunity for students to show themselves as scientists and represent themselves in that way. We had many great experiments, and quite a few participants. It is so fun to see kids dive deeper in their learning and take the initiative to do science at home. We would like to recognize our science fair winners.

Kindergarten- 2nd grade

1st place: James Draper

2nd place: Zach Felix

Setting Goals

January is the month for setting goals. But how many times do we actually keep them? Here at Barnett we set our goals in August and work on them the entire school year. I thought it would be great if I taught you how we make and keep our goals a focus all year long. We call our goals WIGs. WIG stands for Wildly Important Goal. One of our WIGs this year is that Barnett Students will make a years growth in reading. Staying focused on our goals is important. Sometimes it is easy to lose focus in the whirlwind of life. Tracking your goal will help it stay fresh in your mind.