October 2012

Halloween Parade

Beth Knudsen
Tanner twins all sparkly and beautiful
Camille Hullinger as an angel
Thor entering the classroom
First graders ready for school in their costumes
Sumo wrestlers
Luigi (Eugene) and a mummy (Duncan Smith)

The halls of Barnett were filled with superheroes, insects, and zombies this morning, first as students entered the school and then during the all-school Halloween Parade shortly after school began.  Parents were able to come be the sideline audience for the spectacle as each class trailed after each other on the parade route.  Laughs abounded with several blow-up sumo suits, bringing the first graders, especially, to giggles.  Not only were there the traditional scary costumes (ghosts, zombies, witches, etc.), there were some lovely brides, princesses, and video game characters.  It was a fun morning at Barnett seeing the creativity of children and parents alike in outfitting the students for Halloween.

Nutcracker Ballet Assembly

Beth Knudsen
The ballet dancers in Nutcracker costumes
Showing how they warm up
Audience participation in warming up
Touching their toes
Turning jumping jacks into a ballet move
Ellie jumping over a %22puddle%22 to show her leaping skills

The students at Barnett were favored with a shortened Nutcracker performance by Ballet West this morning.  In addition to viewing the performance--complete with music and costumes--the students were able to learn about what it takes to be a ballet dancer.  The dancers demonstrated a typical ballet warm up routine which, as they pointed out, always includes music unlike some other types of dance.  They invited students to come up to join them in some warm up routines and explained how some moves we do regularly are transformed in ballet to be more graceful or to have more muscle control.  It was a fantastic assembly with one fourth grader stating emphatically after it ended, "This was one of the best assemblies ever!"  Thank you Ballet West for coming to our school!

Barnett Elementary 4th Graders at Salem Pond

Katherine Hanson
Salem Pond

On October 5th, the fourth grade went to Salem Pond in Salem, Utah to discover the wetlands of Utah.  The parent volunteers helped provided the rotation activities to experience science activities about the wetlands.  Some of the activities included hunting for bugs, identifying plants and animals, learning about survival of habitats, and the chemical- ph balance of the water to maintain a healthy habitat. A big thanks Nebo foundation grant to make this field trip possible, and the parents that volunteered their time and talents to help with the activities for a  “ learning is fun science day”.

Leonardo Museum Fun!

Mrs. Marlayne Harward's Class
Investigating at the Leonardo Museum (Hunter, Kayden, Logan, Dominic, Josh)
Creating structures (Xander, Mitchell, Ethan, Chris)
Being artistic just like Leonardo da Vinci (Hayden Madson, Brady Christensen, McKenna Albiston, Nathan Albiston)

You should really go to the Leonardo Museum in Salt Lake City.  The 5th grade students at Barnett Elementary had the opportunity to go because of a grant that they received. When they first drove up and saw it they were amazed. Inside, the ceiling was beautiful with a helioic veil.

The students had the opportunity to do several hands on activities. One of their favorite areas was the Rendering Room. You can make your own movie by taking a picture, moving your object slightly, and taking another picture. This is called stop motion.  There were several very creative movies made.  Some students discovered they could do it at home with their own camera.  There was also a “green screen” room and a “red room” where they could see their body disappear or watch their skeleton dance.

The Tinkering Room was another favorite. In that room, they learned how electricity and batteries work. There was also a marble run where supplies were there to make a course for the marbles to travel into a bucket.  

There were many more activities that were wonderful for students to do. There was the mirror room, prosthetic room, art room, water room, and gene room.  It was named The Leonardo because it was based on his curiosity. They do not want to ruin it for you by giving it all away.  They want you to go see it for yourself!   



Red Ribbon Week at Barnett

Beth Knudsen
Two fourth graders sporting their BYU pride.JPG
Tanner kids showing their team spirit and unity.JPG
Falcons fan wearing her jersey to support Red Ribbon Week.jpg

Barnett Elementary celebrated Red Ribbon week the week of October 15-19.  Thanks to the preparation of our school's counselor, Ron Jensen, each day had its own theme and focus. Monday started off with the theme of wearing red and “One School - One Goal - Bully & Drug Free!” Teachers took the opportunity to discuss the importance of being drug free and standing up against bullying. Our red day was followed by the popular Crazy Hair Day--“Hair’s to a Drug – Free Life!” Students and teachers discussed the positive difference we make in our lives and in others' lives by staying away from all types of harmful substances and drugs.

The middle of the week was characterized with a focus on making smart choices and how the choices we make every day have an impact on our lives.  Once we make the choice to be drug free we need to continue to make that choice every day to stay that way.  Thursday was the favorite team sport uniform day--“Team Up againstDrugs.” The discussion on Thursday was about students teaming up with friends to be drug free and to also be kind to everyone and stand up against bullies.  Our Red Ribbon Week ended with the focus on "One School, One Goal, Bully and Drug Free!" with students wearing school colors or school t-shirts.  The best way to be drug free is to learn how to say, “No” to people who want you to use drugs and to tell on those who do use drugs. Thank you Mr. Jensen for helping us to focus on how to live better lives and be better friends by learning how to say no to drugs and to stand up against bullies!

Fire Prevention Coloring Contest Winners

Kylie Kilmer and Amelia Spencer
Winners in Front of Truck
All strapped in

On September 28, 2012, some of the students from Barnett Elementary were picked up by the fire truck and taken to the fire station.  They were able to enjoy lunch with a few of the Payson firefighters and EMTs.  The students were given pencils, erasers, stickers, and coloring books to remind them about fire safety.

Kindergarten TK Trip to Southridge Farms

Cherie Kunz
Southridge Farm-Best Photo at Red Barn AM TK 10.16.JPG
Southridge Farm-Best Photo at Red Barn PM TK 10.16.JPG

Our class went to Southridge Farms and we had a fantstic day of fun and learning. We went on a hay ride through the apple orchard, wove our way through an apple crate maze, played with dump trucks in a sand box, slid down an enormous slide (or a shorter one if the tall one was too big), and got a pumpkin for our classroom. Then we rode back to the Red Barn, had some delicious donuts with sprinkles, and read a coloring book that taught us about how pumpkins grow, different varieties of pumpkins, the history of pumpkins, and what pumpkins can be used for.

(Apologies about the photos: I've tried everything I can think of to fix them, but even when they show up correctly on my computer, they turn out upside down on the web.)

The Reading Fire is Out of Control!

Beth Knudsen
Coming into lunchroom
Class delegates
MCs Mrs. Spencer and Mrs. Peterson
Teachers getting pelted with soft balls
Mrs White asking for who has the fire in their heart


The Ken Garff sponsored reading program at Barnett Elementary officially kicked off Wednesday morning October 10th.  The school's theme is "Catch the Fire and Read" with ties into the Olympic games from this past summer.  Four class delegates were chosen from each class to march in at the beginning of the assembly: one delegate carrying high the light of learning and reading, and the other three carrying their favorite books.  As the Olympic march theme died down, in came Mrs. Gwen Spencer and Mrs. Lisa Peterson in the role of two Payson fire fighters responding to a tip-off that there was an out of control fire at the school.  As they began talking about fire safety, the talked about the importance of fire drills.  The "fire drill" that happened during the assembly consisted of teachers running down the aisle and chosen students throwing soft balls at them.  This amusement was followed up with the exciting announcement that if students turn in their October and November reading calendars, they will have the opportunity to throw waterballons at some teachers during the reading assembly in December.  As the fire drill ended, Mrs. Spencer and Peterson called for reinforcements to help in fighting the reading fire.  Accordingly, teachers dressed in different "disguises" to represent guest readers we will have come read to the winning classes at the school came up.  There will be athletes, doctors, city officials, military officials, etc. who will volunteer their time to come read to the winning classes each month as part of the grade level contests for which class in a grade level reads the most that month.  As our guest reader representatives sat down, the air became crackled with magic as Mr. Applegate regaled the school with spoof magic tricks and with the promise that if the school reaches it's goal by February or March, then a real magician will come to the school for an assembly. Several other teachers discussed the future rewards of reaching goals: winning bikes, iPods, books, games; having their "fire" be put out for good in May by being sprayed with water, and winning class trophies for the class in each grade level who wins the grade level competition each month.  However, the most important reward of this reading program is for students to catch the fire of reading and learn to love reading. Support the students and staff at Barnett by encouraging them to read everyday!


Grandparents' Day

Robyn Curtis
Grandparents' Day.JPG
Grandparents' Day.JPG
Grandparents' Day.JPG
Grandparents' Day.JPG
Grandparents' Day.JPG
Grandparents' Day with Mr. Applegate on guitar.JPG

Barnett Elementary School’s 3rd grade Grandparents’ Day Program was October 4th. The students were excited to eat turkey and mashed potatoes with their grandparents for lunch. They then got to show them around the school, play at recess, and visit the Book Fair. Parents, grandparents, and students returned to the lunchroom for the program. The students recited poems, shared stories about their grandparents, and sang songs such as “Edelweiss” and “Grandma’s Feather Bed.” A new addition to the Grandparents’ Day tradition was Mr. Applegate playing the guitar for a few songs; this was a favorite for students during both our practices and the performance. After the performance, the 3rd graders and their grandparents treated themselves to delicious cookies provided by the Barnett PTA. We love our grandparents and are glad we could share this special day with them!

Principal's 200 Club Winners


Students at Barnett Elementary have been working hard this month to earn Brag Notes. When a student earns a brag note their name is added to the Principal’s 200 Club Board. Brag notes can be earned by making good choices, working hard in school, and being a good friend or helper just to name a few things. Once the board is full of student names we have a drawing for books and prizes. Here are our winners for this month. Thanks for making so many good choices Barnett Bulldogs!

Back Row: Marysa Ottosen, Arianna Gregerson, Jacob Clark, Itzayana Flores, Roxie Simpson, Tatum Burdick, Dalton Smith, Dreyton Whicker

Front Row: Jordyn Denton, Jarrett Harmon, Ally Anson, McKenzie Van Dam, Tanner Norman, Brooklyn Valenzuela, Madison Tracy, Aeriel Perez