February 2013

Principal's 200 Club Winners AGAIN!

Angela Stoddard
Back Row: Isaac Barnum, Chris Ruch, Amelia Spencer, Christian Brizuela Front Row: Ally Anson, Talan Fairholm, Makayla Morgan, Akaysha Murphy Not Pictured Jarrett Harmon, Samantha Simpson, Eric Zavala

Students at Barnett Elementary have again filled up the Principal's 200 Club Board for the month of February! The board has been filled up with the names of students have who won Brag Notes the past few weeks.  Brag notes can be earned by making good choices, working hard in school, and being a good friend or helper just to name a few things. Once the board is full of student names we have a drawing for books and prizes. Thanks for making so many good choices Barnett Bulldogs!

Barnett Science Fair

Lisa Peterson
Adam Call, Jordan, Nicole Litster, Macy Haskell, Grand Prize to 2nd place winners, 5-6 grades
Nadia Evans, Yannyra Sanchez, Tiffany Weiss, Michelle Spencer, 3rd Place winners, 5-6 grades
Nathan Hullinger, Honorable Mention
Colby Cox, Elizabeth Mitchell, Tanner Norman, 3-4 grade winners
John Humphries, MaKenzie Mitchell, Carson Cox, Yaretzi Salmeron, K-2 grade winners

Wednesday, February 6, was the day of the Barnett Science Fair. For the first time ever, the whole school was open to participate from kindergarten up to the required sixth graders.  There was an unexpected amount of submissions from grades K-5, with a lot of quality projects running the gamut of grades.  

Here are the results listing:

1st - John Humphries 2nd grade
2nd- MaKenzie Mitchell 1st grade
3rd-Carson Cox 1st grade
3rd- Yaretzi Salmeron 1st grade

3-4 Grades1st - Colby Cox 3rd grade2nd - Elizabeth Mitchell 4th grade3rd - Tanner Norman - 3rd grade 5-6 GradesGrand prize - Nicole Litster 6th Grade -"Which waterballoon is superior to others?"1st - Macy Haskell 6th grade "How do horses stand to keep warm in the wind?"2nd - Jordan and Adam Call 6th Grade "Do older students do better on end of year tests?"3rd - Tiffany Weiss & Michelle Spencer 6th grade "How does heat effect water and oil?"3rd- Nadia Evans & Yannyra Sanchez 6th Grade "What melts ice the best?"Honorable Mention - Nathan Hullinger 5th grade "Are Walgreens batteries really the best?"

Students are required to use the scientific method.  The thinking skills a child develops while doing a Science Fair project are the same basic skills he or she will use daily throughout his or her life; to make sense of and clarify problems that exist, and to find creative solutions for these problems.  Our students at Barnett did a spectacular job of using these highler level thinking skills!  Way to go Barnett students! Winners for the 5th and 6th grades will advance on to compete in the district science fair on the 26th of Feb. Good Luck!

Back in Time with Henry V

Beth Knudsen
Brady Christensen, Jake Christensen, and Mrs. Sherie Christensen eating lunch after the play
Audrey Millet, Summer Wilde, Mason Davis, and Axel Salmeron having fun on the bus

Thursday, February 7, Mrs. Beth Knudsen's class left the school to travel to Brigham Young University to see their Theater for Young Audiences performance of Henry V.  While there was some disappointment from the boy students on the lack of fake blood during the many battle scenes, it was an enjoyable time out of the building for class unity building, and the play taught some important lessons, such as having unity and standing up for what is right.  Mrs. Knudsen's class was able to eat lunch after the play and then made their way back to the school for the rest of their in-school learning.

Catching the "Magical" Fire

Beth Knudsen
Riley holding one of the two rabbits in the magic trick
Connor Hancock with the biggest wand Paul brought
Alex with the vase and ball trick
Blaze standing still like a magician while everyone sees his head shrink from the optical illusion
Reese and Dillan shaking hands
Paul Brewer, our magician performer

As a reward for consistently exceeding our school monthly goal for reading, the school was favored with an assembly by the magician, Paul Brewer.  He had several students come up to help him with his magic tricks, including Connor Hancock, who kept getting increasingly larger wands; Lindy, who had fun with reindeer noses; Riley, who assisted Paul Brewer in creating a dove and then transforming it into two rabbits; Ashton Gardner, who received a disco stick after some magic with Japanese fans; Alex, who helped out with the vase and ball trick; Blaze, who let everyone do a magic trick on him by having his head shrink as a result of an optical illusion; and Reese and Dillan who helped out at the conclusion of the assembly.  It was an entertaining, rewarding assembly to celebrate our reading efforts and success.

Chinese New Year

Kaylynn Evans
Pablo Gomez, Cindy, and morning kindergarten
Afternoon kindergarten with Pablo
Mrs. Kaylynn Evans' class wtih the Panda
Eating Panda Express food

On Friday, February 8th, the kindergarten classes learned about and celebrated  Chinese New Year.  Pablo Gomez and his excellent assistant Cindy presented a short video about this special event.  After the video we all made our way to the lunchroom where we were treated to some yummy Chinese food, catered by Panda Express.  We also made Chinese lanterns and had a fun visit with a panda bear. This was a fun learning experience for our students.

J. Scott Savage Assembly

Robyn Curtis
J. Scott Savage, author of Case File 13.
Keanna Vaitohi and Christian Castellon doing the Zombie rap with J. Scott Savage
Nick Bingham, Sydney Mikesell, Ashton Gardner, and Jace Anderson on stage with J. Scott Savage

Anyone can be a writer, you can be any age. To be a good writer you have to be a good reader. Keanna Vaitohi and Christian Castellon  did a Zombie rap with author, J. Scott Savage, and got zombie posters. He told the story of the characters "the 3 monsterteers." The author is a lot like the main character. He talked about how everyone is different, and amazing. We must use our differences to do great things. Never give up, turn differences in to strengths. He used to tell stories to his cousins, so his difference of daydreaming is now a strength. He told about the 4 things you need in a story: A protagonist, goals, obstacles and (something else, it's in the pictures). Sydney Mikesell came up to play the protagonist, Jace Anderson, Ashton Gardner, and Nick Bingham were obstacles. Reading helps us find our differences. Keep writing even if people don't like it, just like JK Rowling.

Principal's 200 Club for February!

Angela Stoddard
Back: Andrew Palomar, Derek Bunker, Kaylee Torres, Bailey Franson Middle: Ally Anson, Angie Najarro, Adelida Salmeron Front: Chelsea Ruch, Jake Christensen Not Pictured: Seelah Piatt, Adam Warner, Axeton Haney

Students at Barnett Elementary have been working hard this month to earn Brag Notes. When a student earns a brag note their name is added to the Principal’s 200 Club Board. Brag notes can be earned by making good choices, working hard in school, and being a good friend or helper just to name a few things. Once the board is full of student names we have a drawing for books and prizes. Here are the winners for the month of February. Thanks for making so many good choices Barnett Bulldogs!