March 2013

5th Grade Assembly with K-9 Officers

GayLynn Buys
Duncan Smith with Sheriff
Sheriff demonstrating how strong K-9 dogs can latch on
Deputy with dog, Veto
Deputy rewarding Veto after finding the hidden drugs

The fifth grade invited the Utah County K-9 officers to come for their incentive program for the month of March. The students who came loved learning about these special dogs from Europe who cost as much as a used car! These dogs learn to smell and find narcotics, bombs and people who may be lost in remote areas. They also enjoyed learning how they train them to be very obedient and how everything these officers teach these dogs is a game to them!

Who Wants to Be an Opera Star?

Don Applegate
Shay, Amy, and Andrew the resident opera singer contestants
Shay and Andrew demonstrating the use of "props" or property in opera

Utah Opera provided an amazing assembly introducing Barnett Elementary students to the world of Opera by using the framework of a television game show. "Who Wants to Be An Opera Star" is an introduction to opera; the art form that combines drama, visual art, dance, orchestral music, and singing.  We were entertained by a wonderfully talented group of singers and an accomplished pianist.   These opera performances are funded in part by the Professional Outreach Program in Schools (POPS) program administered by the Utah State Office of Education for the Utah Legislature and community donations to Utah Opera Education.

“Science Rules” at Barnett Elementary

Lisa Peterson
Jordan and Adam with their project
Jordan and Adam with their trophy.


Barnett would like to congratulate 6th graders, Jordan Mathews and Adam Call, for winning 1st placein the Life Science category at the Central Utah Science & Engineering Fair at BYU on March 20th. Theirproject was “The Redshirts Are Coming!” The question they had was, “If your child turns 5 in thesummer just before kindergarten starts, should he or she start school?”CUSEF is a regional science competition presented by the Brigham Young University David O. McKaySchool of Education and the BYU-Public School Partnership. Its purpose it to excite students aboutscience by providing a venue where they can present and share the lessons they have learned in theirclassrooms combined with their own interests and discoveries. Only students that have won fairs at aschool level, and a district level are allowed to compete at CUSEF.In addition to winning at CUSEF, Jordan and Adam were named as a 2013 Broadcom MASTERSnominees. Nominees are selected from the top 10% of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade participants. Thismakes them eligible to compete nationally for a trip to Washington, DC, and cash prizes! Way to goAdam and Jordan!


Barnett 6th Grade Fear Factor to Peer Pressure

Lisa Peterson
Tiffany Weiss finding a gum ball in a cream pie.

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to face your fears? Well, the 6 th graders at Barnett Elementary do! Recently, students volunteered to be contestants in eight, pulse-racing, hair raising activities. They had worms dropped on their faces, had to catch mustard covered marshmallows in their mouths, and eat pickled pigs feet, just to name a few. Under the supervision of stunt coordinators (their teachers), Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Peterson, and Mrs. Laudato, students were confronted with a series of challenging tasks. If the students completed the tasks they earned points, if fear stopped them from completing the task, they lost points. The class that earned the most points took home the prize! Mrs. Peterson’s class won for the 2nd straight year. Although, everyone gave a valiant effort!The purpose of this activity is to illustrate to our sixth graders that although peer pressure begins way before junior high, it seems to be when it initially becomes more of an issue in children’s lives. Some of our children are particularly strong and have no problem speaking their mind. Still, parents and teachers can reinforce certain guidelines to help them steer clear of undesirable situations. Students are surprised to realize they probably wouldn’t have allowed someone to drop worms on their face, and agreed that they allowed it because of pressure from friends and adults. Peer pressure can come in any form, and from anyone.
For many students who are of middle school age, it can be helpful for them to contemplate about negative scenarios that could play out when peer pressure wins. Overall, they learned about peer pressure and strategies to avoid being a part of it. It was a great activity and one that the Barnett sixth graders loved!

First Grade Trip to see Rapunzel!

Jack White
Waiting for the show to start
In the SCERA park
Ms. Zylstra's class

Barnett School first graders were able to attend the SCERA theater on Thursday Mar. 7, 2013.  They enjoyed the production, "Rapunzel, A Hairy Tale."  The play was an adaptation of the fairytale "Rapunzel."   The classes enjoyed the performance and then afterword the cast and crew spent some time with them to answer questions about the production and what goes into the making of this type of play.  After going to the SCERA park to eat lunch they were able to go to the "Central Utah Water Conservation Garden."   They were  taught about the importance of water and how we can be more careful with its use.

Yearbook Cover Winners

Beth Knudsen
Winners, Walker Price and Haley Rowe
Students who submitted a cover design for the contest

Every year the students at Barnett are given the challenge of designing a colorful, school-spirited front and back cover for the school yearbook.  There were many who submitted drawings this year, with a winner for each grade for their efforts.  It was a tough decision, especially with so many talented artists. The lucky two who have had their drawings chosen for the school yearbook this year are Walker Price and Haley Rowe. 

NOVA Christmas Box Service Project

Gwen Spencer
Pictured left to right: Kasen John, Josh Brailsford, Heidi White, Garet Madsen, Macy Haskell, Courtney Caines, Jaden Hill, Amelia Spencer, Tiffany Wiess, Maddie Hutchins, Kaelie Lau

Barnett Elementary 6th grade have been busy gathering items to donate to the Utah Valley Christmas Box House. As part of their N.O.V.A. class they were asked to perform service. Each sixth grade student was required to bring in one item to donate or donate time at the school for service. Some even made hats with yarn and weaving looms. It was impressive to the students to see how just one item or act of service combined with the efforts of others turned out to be a nice donation and will help a lot ofpeople. They were excited to donate these things to Betty Quinn of the Christmas Box House.

200 Club in March

Angela Stoddard
Back Row: Sadie Ercanbrack, Erik Magana, Cristian Castellon, Kristen Harris Middle Row: Alex Hill, Adelaida Salmeron, Grace Draper, Persephone Dodds Front Row: Carson Cox, John Humphries, Sam Call

Students at Barnett Elementary have been working hard this month to earn Brag Notes. When a student earns a brag note their name is added to the Principal’s 200 Club Board. Brag notes can be earned by making good choices, working hard in school, and being a good friend or helper just to name a few things. Once the board is full of student names we have a drawing for books and prizes. Here are the winners for the month of March. Thanks for making so many good choices Barnett Bulldogs!

School Wide Barnett Reflections Winners for 2012-2013

Don Applegate
McKenzie Mitchell, Megan Durrant, Sydni Cowan, Roxie Simpson

Barnett Elementary Reflection Winners for 2012-2013

Primary Grade Winners
Literature – McKenzie Mitchell
Visual Arts – Megan Durrant
Photography – Sydni Cowan *Advanced to Region
Dance – Roxie Simpson *Advanced to Region
3D – McKenzie Mitchell

Intermediate Grade Winners
Literature – Delaney Walker
Visual Arts – McKenna Albiston
Photography – Quin Christensen
Dance – Emily Luckau
3D – Ashton Gardner
Theatre – Elizabeth Mitchell