May 2013

Reading Assembly Winners

Beth Knudsen
Teachers doing the Harlem Shake
Zoey Young with her reading chair prize
Mrs. Tessa Bradley leading 1-3 grades in the school song
Timothy Fox, bike winner
Sam Call, grades bike winner
Zack Harrison, iPod winner
Morgan Holdaway, iPod winner

Monday, May 20, was the final reading assembly for the 2012-2013 school year at Barnett.  It started out with a bang with the Barnett teachers doing the Harlem Shake up on the stage.  Books, money, games, outside toys, backpacks, and HangTime passes were given out for reading tickets, math fact tickets, and brag notes.  In the lower grades, students got to choose from bubbles, as well; in the upper grades, students got to choose from candy and an iTunes gift card, also.  In addition to tickets and brag notes being drawn, awards for 100% attendance, dedicated SuccessMaker users, and Hershey Track meet winners, were passed out.  

Two lucky students, one in the upper and one in the lower grades received a College Savings $50 Certificate: Ali from Mrs. GayLynn Buys class and Chenaye from Mr. Jack White's class.

The grand winners--bike and iPod winners--were chosen at the end. Before they were chosen, Mrs. Tessa Bradley, the music teacher, led the 1st-3rd graders in singing the Barnett song.  The winners of the bike/scooter were Timothy Fox and Sam Call.  The winners for the iPod shuffle were Zack Harrison and Morgan Holdaway.  

Congrats on the great reading all year, Barnett!

Spring Choir Concert

Christine Muniz
choir 2013 spring
choir 2013
choir concert 2013

This Spring, the fantastic Barnett Choir Performed their "We Love Our World" Concert. The choir consists of 125 students from 2nd grade - 6th grade. Their choir director Christine Muniz is VERY proud of them, and the hard work that went into practicing for the concert. There were solo's done on the piano, and singing. Fun songs were shared, and some with actions to make your heart smile. Even the Alumni came up to join in a really special song that has been a  Favorite! The Barnett Choir has been going strong for almost 8 years.  This was a very meaningful concert, and Mrs. Muniz loves leading the choir!Congratulations to The Barnett Choir for doing such a wonderful job ! Mrs. Muniz would also like to Thank all the Families for the support of their children! It was a great show of support!

Worthy of Celebration

Beth Knudsen
Students getting ready to be doused by the fire truck
Students playing in the spray from the truck
Duncan Smith all soaked from the water activity
Jordan Blue trying to dry off

The beginning of the 2012-2013 school year at Barnett began with a vision, a goal, for the students. This goal was to get a school wide total of 70,000 days read this year--that means that 80% of the Barnett students had to read 5 days or more this year.  Not only did the students meet this goal, they surpassed it!  They read 79,500 days, which was 104.5% of the original goal!  It was fantastic!  As a school-wide reward for this amazing feat, it was arranged that the Payson Fire Fighters would come with their fire truck and spray down the students (at a distance, of course, since fire truck hoses are incredibly powerful).  The students had a blast playing in the water.  Great job, Barnett students with reading! Make sure you read this summer!

5th Grade Wax Museum

Beth Knudsen
Kayden, Sarah, Livvi, Morgan, Megan
Mason, Westlee, Duncan, Hayden, Axel, Jace
Erin, Morgan, Tyler, Lance

Every year the fifth graders at Barnett Elementary are able to research an important person in United States history, create a speech, come up with a creative costume, and present themselves as that person during a wax museum presentation.  The students this year did an amazing job coming up with creative costumes to try to imitate the person they were representing.  Not only did they look great, but the students put a lot of time into researching their person and competently gave information as about 500 people filed through the lunch room on the afternoon of May 2, 2013.  The students did a fantastic job!

Kid History Assembly

Beth Knudsen
Kid History Assembly, lower grade volunteers
Kid History Assembly, upper grade volunteers

If you haven't seen the YouTube craze entitled, Kid History videos, you should definitely watch them!  Not only are they hilarious, they are related to the Barnett first grade teacher, Mrs. Patricia Hanson.  Mrs. Hanson was able to introduce her nephews to the Barnett students on Friday, April 26, to shouts of excitement and acclamation.  The presenters, Brett, Randy, John Roberts, showed several of their new videos with Kid Snippets (Math Class, Marine Biology, and Star Wars), along with their new line of videos entitled, "Kid Masterpieces," and the unveiling of Kid History Episode 10.  In addition to showing all of these hilarious and kid-inspired videos, the Roberts relations had volunteers from both the lower grades and upper grades answer comprehension questions about events in the different videos.  It was an entertaining assembly for which we thank Mrs. Hanson and the makers of Kid History!

5th Grade Track Meet

Beth Knudsen
McKay Neubert running hard to the end of his race, where he placed in the top three

April 25, 2013 marked a beautiful, sunny, clear day for the fifth grade track meet. Students were able to compete with other fifth graders in the Payson area in this annual event.  Barnett fifth graders placed in first, second, and third places in several of the track and field events.  It was a fun and exciting time for all the students and teachers.

Veterans Quilt

Gwen Spencer
Back row left to right: Brad Barben, Emmy Jacobsen, Emma Cloud, Sierra Seat, Ali Wood, Sandy Wilkey, Michelle Spencer, Josh Brailsford, Taylor Thayne Middle Row: Arianna Gregerson, Rebekah Ann Rash, Cristian Castellon, Jex Ashton, Victor Solorzano, Ruger

The students of Mrs. Spencer’s sixth grade class at Barnett Elementary had the opportunity of working on a quilt for the Veterans Nursing home that is under construction on North Main Street in Payson. Belle Piatt, a grandmother of one the students, provided the squares of material and the skills of her sewing to put it together. The students in Mrs. Spencer’s class decorated the pieces with the freedoms they enjoy because of the service provided by the loyal and brave American veterans. Each student was equally excited to see their art displayed in the finished quilt and felt proud to share it with these noble Americans. They just want to say Thank You to all the Veterans.