September 2013

The Foam Gnome

Ronda Hair
Students in Mrs. Hair's class with the Foam Gnome

Barnett Elementary 5th grade students were mesmerized as a ‘Foam Gnome’ grew out of the cup in front of them. In a presentation put on by the Discovery Gateway Museum the students saw first hand many chemical and physical changes. They learned about the three states of matter and were able to enjoy a ‘hands on lab’ creating their own physical and chemical reactions. The students enjoyed the afternoon and left the lab with a great understanding of chemistry thanks to the informative and engaging presentation! 

Walk More in Four

Barnett students are healthy and happy. To celebrate being healthy our school is participating in Walk More in Four by having students walk or bike to school at least 3 days a week for the 4 weeks in September. Our bus students who may not be able to walk to school can still participate by practicing safe habits while walking or biking in their neighborhoods.

Here’s how to participate:

*Go to to keep track of your progress online. Submit the online form by October 2nd.
*Students can also pick up a paper chart in the office and turn it in no later than Monday, September 30th.

Participating students will be entered to win a bike, scooter, helmet or other donated prizes. If our school has the highest participation we could win $500 for our school!


Calling All Heroes

Beth Knudsen
Captain Accuracy being interviewed by Chick Learny, with More on the left
Chick Learny interviewing Book Reader, with Fluency Man off to the right
Mrs. Stoddard looking up at More, Captain Accuracy, Bulk, and Sharp Eye
Evil Dr. Dropout trying to persuade students to join her band

The Reading Program at Barnett kicked off with S.H.I.E.L.D. (Students Having Interesting Exciting Learning Days) showing up and offering support to Mrs. Angela Stoddard as she tried to combat the enticings of Evil Dr. Dropout (Mrs. Lisa Peterson). Dr. Dropout tried to persuade students to play video games, watch TV, and sleep instead of reading.  However, when Chick Learny (Mrs. Gwen Spencer) came with her band of heroes--Captain Accuracy, More (books), the Incredible Bulk, Fluency Man, Book Reader, and Sharp Eye (Ms. Whitney Zylstra, Mr. Austin Cope, Mrs. Clea Comte, Mrs. Ronda Hair, Mrs. Megan Davies, and Mrs. Marah Koford, respectively),--Evil Dr. Dropout was booed out of the lunchroom by Barnett students. Students learned about the strategies and ways to become better readers from their super heroes, in addition to finding out some of the fun prizes for turning in reading calendars and reading at least 5 days each week.  Some of the prizes include a popcorn party and pizza party with Mrs. Stoddard, taping a teacher to a wall, and two assemblies with fun prizes from which to choose.  It was an exciting assembly, with the message, that all the students could be reading heroes, if they followed what the Reading Super Heroes were saying.

PTA Carnival

Beth Knudsen
Nate Tarter, Isaac Barnum, Macey Redhouse, and Keanna Vaitohi helping with Student Council at PTA Carnival
Tessa & Thomas Molyneaux at PTA Carnival getting Sandy Candy
Zoey Young playing on a bouncy house at the PTA Carnival
Chelsea Ruch getting her face %22painted%22 at PTA Carnival

Friday was the annual PTA Carnival at Barnett Elementary.  Kids loved playing on the bouncy houses, all of the fun carnival games, and winning tickets to get cool prizes.  Teachers helped with face painting and with the Sandy Candy booth, among others.  A special thanks to the Spanish Hills High School FBLA student volunteers who came to Barnett and helped run the booths for the length of the carnival.  And a HUGE thanks to the Barnett PTA who helped plan, run, and clean up this activity.  Students loved it and it was a big success!

Day of Caring 2013 at Barnett

Beth Knudsen
At Task Volunteers reading to 1st graders
At Task volunteers reading with 2nd graders
At Task volunteer reading a book about math to 3rd graders
Boys in Mrs. Hair's class making paper airplanes in response to their reading activity

Friday, August 30, 2013 at Barnett Elementary was Day of Caring with At Task Volunteers.  These volunteers choose math-related books that were specifically designed for the age group with whom they were reading.  In 1st and 2nd grades, students did sorting activities based on color and patterns.  In the third and fourth grades the volunteers led Barnett students in an activity of making groups of 10s and 100s out of fruit loops, like occurred in the book that was read to them. In fifth and sixth grades, students made paper airplanes to go along with their math-related book on angles. It was a wonderful activity for students; thank you At Task volunteers!