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September 2014

Teacher Spotlight: Kindergarten

Submitted by beth.knudsen on Thu, 09/18/2014 - 17:46
Kaylynn Evans, Cheri Kunz, and Clea Comte

Each month, some teachers or other staff at Barnett will be highlighted.  This month, Mrs. Comte, Mrs. Kunz, and Mrs. Evans shared some of their thoughts about the other kindergarten teachers that they get to work wtih at Barnett.

Focus on--Mrs. Comte (Kindergarten)

She makes learning fun! She has so many fun songs and activities to help her students learn phonemic awareness skills and math skills. She spends countless hours after school preparing centers for her class. She works so hard to help all the children succeed, especially the ones who need an extra boost. She is awesome in so many ways. She works so hard with 40+ students and has so many concerns, yet she always has a big smile on her face and a kind word for every person she passes in the hall.  She is an amazing team leader and does so much for our team. I appreciate her very much.

Focus on--Mrs. Evans (Kindergarten)

She has the talent of quietly keeping control in her classroom. Every time I happen to walk by, the children are quietly, busily engaged in their independent work or in her whole group activity. It is interesting to see that it is possible to keep children's attention in such a calm atmosphere when we live in such a loud, entertainment driven world. She is the most wonderful person to work with.  She is quick to do anything she can to make our job easier and smoother.  She is always planning things out and is so willing to share new approaches and new ideas.  She is a quiet, gentle person who has a strong sense of doing her part.  She sees what needs to be done and does it.  She is dependable in any situation.  She is always doing little things to make our teaching job run better.  She is quick to do anything that needs attention and is always going the second mile. I really enjoy being on a team with her.  I never have to second guess her or worry about what she will think about something.  We can always talk things through and come to a consensus.  I love her as a friend and fellow teacher.

Focus on--Mrs. Kunz (Transitional Kindergarten)

She is always so willing to share her amazing ideas and I know if I need a favor she is so willing to help and do all that she can.  I know what an amazing teacher she is because I have had several of her students.  They come very prepared. She is always sharing ideas with us.  She is always open to new ideas from us.  We help and encourage each other!  She is so good to ask about our personal lives and is genuine in her support.  She is always willing to help with anything.  She is a great person with a strong character.  You can always depend on her integrity.  I feel very lucky to be a fellow teacher with her.  I appreciate her so much.

As you can tell, we have wonderful kindergarten teachers here at Barnett! Not only do they do a fantastic job of teaching their students, but they are also wonderful supporters to each other and great people.

Beehives, Goats and Cows Oh My!

Submitted by beth.knudsen on Wed, 09/17/2014 - 20:55
Ellie Golliher

Fourth graders from Barnett Elementary visited the Utah State fair on September 8th. Excitement filled the air as we set out for our first field trip of the year. With the help and support from parent volunteers, students set out to scour the fair grounds for farm animals, beehives, butter sculptures, wandering clowns, and balloon artist magicians. Smiles were seen as students scaled an army tank, touched a goat, and made yarn.

In fourth grade students are engulfed in studying the history, industries, regions, and symbols of Utah. The symbols of Utah encompassing the fair grounds were eagerly found by the fourth grade experts. Students also saw county displays showing the different regions and industries of Utah. Students were able to see and feel the livestock and crop displays depicting the agricultural industries of Utah. Building background knowledge by experience, the fourth graders of Barnett can now make connections to the content they learn in the classroom.

Day of Caring 2014

Submitted by beth.knudsen on Mon, 09/15/2014 - 17:43
Beth Knudsen
US Synthetic volunteers working in Ms. Zylstra's first grade class.
US Synthetic volunteers painting the games on the blacktop.

This year we had the company, US Synthetic, come do various service projects for Barnett Elementary on September 11th, 2014.  They refinished the outside picnic tables, bought new soccer goal nets and basketball nets, and did a fun reading and problem solving activity with every class. They also had a group of people who repainted the games on the blacktops by the playgrounds.

Classes enjoyed interacting with the volunteers and the fun math problem solving activities that they did.  A big thanks to US Synthetic for volunteering their time to help our school and our students!

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