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April 2018

4th Grade Pioneer Day

Submitted by dayna.kirgan on Mon, 04/30/2018 - 18:40
Krissy Johnson, Koy Taylor

The fourth graders had a great Pioneer Day. They learned that being a pioneer was hard work by doing activities like churning butter, making candles, sawing and planing wood, chiseling rock and other labor intensive activities. They learned to square dance and play pioneer games as they tried to fathom what life was like before the internet. It was a very fun day full of hands-on learning.

Let the Track Meets Begin!

Submitted by dayna.kirgan on Sat, 04/28/2018 - 16:46

This is such a fun time of year for Barnett students as we buckle in for our last  few weeks of school. One of the favorite events that happen this time in the year are the track meets. Barnett Bulldogs, 5th and 6th grades had their track meets this last week and they did awesome! Some of our Bulldogs even finished in the top 3 in their events. Great job Bulldogs! The track meet is a great time to get out in the nice sunny weather and participate in some athletic events with some other schools. Good luck to our 3rd and 4th grade Bulldogs who have their track meets later this week! Good luck and Go Bulldogs!

3rd Grade Field Trip Fun

Submitted by dayna.kirgan on Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:09
Exploring the Bean Museum
Learning at the Bean Museum
3rd Graders posing for a picture!
Picture with the Liger!

Barnett 3rd Graders had an amazing field trip this Thursday. They went to the Bean Museum at BYU. This was to help reinforce their knowledge in living and nonliving things. They walked around the Bean Museum, where they saw many different types of animals, including a Liger! After exploring, Barnett Bulldogs went to watch a presentation where there were three live animals! At the end of the presentation they had an opportunity to pet a Tegu Lizard named Simon. After the Bean Museum, students went to a park to have lunch and then it was back to school! Such a fun day with such fun students! 

Mrs. Standish-Teacher of the Year

Submitted by angela.stoddard on Thu, 04/19/2018 - 11:11

We want to congratulate Mrs. Standish, our wonderful 5th grade teacher, who is Barnett's Teacher of the Year! She was recognized at the April School Board Meeting with the following comments said about her:

Jaimie Standish

Barnett Elementary
“Jaimie is a natural leader and has a hard work ethic, pleasant attitude, and an amazing belief in students. She is an integral part in developing the Leader in Me program at Barnett Elementary. Jaimie teaches these students leadership qualities and gives them that desire to have a voice and use their leadership skills in all they do. She empowers her students to work hard, tackle a challenge, and have curiosity and desire to learn new things.”

We are lucky to have such an amazing teacher working at our school!Thanks for all you do Mrs. Standish!

Bulldog Pride in March

Submitted by dayna.kirgan on Fri, 04/13/2018 - 16:11
Barnett Cheer Squad
Mrs. Coker and Mrs. Bradley our Alpha Dogs
Top Dogs for March
Leaders of March
Miss Curtis's AM Kindergarten Pick of the Pack

Just before spring break, Barnett Bulldogs celebrated at another Bulldog Pride Assembly. We were able to be entertained by our Barnett Cheer Squad! Go Bulldogs! The students chosen for our assemblies, are elected by their teachers for their outstanding leadership and hard work in the classroom. To be a Top Dog or Leader of the Month is an outstanding acheivement! Congratulations to our Top Dogs and Leaders of the month for March! We are also surrounded by great teachers and faculty at Barnett. Congratulations to Mrs. Coker and Mrs. Bradley! 


Top Dogs:

TK: Jace Cross

Kindergarten: Haizlee Girot, Sadielyn Brindley, Celeste Powell

1st Grade: Joseph Duenas-Hernandez, Trinity Thompson

2nd Grade: Zac Albright, Katie Horn, Oakley Holdaway

3rd Grade: Xander Smith, Carter Mang, Porter Howard

4th Grade: Xavier Mitchell, Taylor Humphries, Brooks Larsen

5th Grade: Jamen Monsen, Ty Webster, Tasha King

6th Grade: Wylee Jones, Yaretzi Salmeron, Megan Durrant

UEI: Chase Esplin

Leaders of the Month

TK: Rachel Oliphant

Kindergarten: Cooper Harris, Brinlee Girot, Ilyanna Ray

1st Grade: Kutler Jackson, Micheal Storrer, Drayden Jenkins

2nd Grade: Elijah Palea, Briseht Magana, Olivia Haslam

3rd Grade: Ellie Brunger, Milo Ylinen, Abbie Jensen

4th Grade: Xochilt Pina, Sion Martin, Taz Fullmer

5th Grade: Henry Draper, Abigail Miramontes, Madelynn Neubert

6th Grade: AlexisAnn Brindley, Kendel Mikesell, Lea Brunger

UEI: Stetson Blackburn, Bridger Steele

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