Camie Simpson Wins Crystal Apple Award

Each year, "Horace Mann representatives partner with local school administrators to recognize teaching excellence." Mrs. Camie Simpson is Barnett's Crystal Apple Teacher this year. Mrs. Simpson works tirelessly supporting, mentoring, and leading teachers everyday to be better educators. In awarding Mrs. Simpson with the Crystal Apple Award, collegue Stephanie Galt said,"

C- Contagioius laughter that we all love being a part of

A-Ambitious, always making sure everyone has what they need. 

M-Magnificent, enough said. 

I- Ingenious, no matter what the issue is Camie always as an idea to solve problems and help us get through our daily tasks.E- Energetic, excellent, effective, efficient, enjoyable, enlightening, entertaining, enthusiasticThis and more is why we love working with Camie Simpson!"Barnett faculty could not agree more! Thanks for all you do Mrs. Simpson and congratulations!