Crystal Apple Award

Krissy Johnson was awarded the Crystal Apple Award. Krissy teaches 4th grade. Krissy is a great teacher. She is loved by her coworkers and her students. Krissy works hard in everything she does. She gives everything she has and more to her students to ensure they get the best education. Krissy works hard to collaborate with her team and other teachers to continue to grow and improve as a teacher. Often times, other teachers seek Krissy's help because she always knows what to do. Krissy is a great example of an amazing teacher. When students are asked what they think about Mrs. Johnson, the responses are always positive! "Mrs. Johnson is so cool! She's such a fun teacher! I love Mrs. Johnson!" 

Krissy, thank you for being an amazing teacher. You inspire everyone around you with your competitive spirit and optimistic attitude. We love you and are so lucky that you are a Barnett Bulldog!