Day of Caring

Angela Stoddard, Marie Moore
Barnett Leaders posing with their parents that work at US Synthetic
US Synthetic volunteers
Some of Mrs. Moore's leaders enjoying the new number line!

Barnett Elementary loves Day of Caring! United Way sponsors a day when businesses from all over the state give service in many different ways. So on September 13, Day of Caring, Barnett was lucky to have volunteers from US Synthetic come to our school for the morning and boy did they work hard. These awesome volunteers painted our basketball courts and provided us with new basketball nets. They painted all our blacktop games and made a new numberline on the blacktop for students and classes to use for a fun math activity. US Synthetic also brought our younger students on the small playground some new soccer goals and then they topped the morning off by helping to organize hundreds of books in our upstairs leveled library. A big thank you to the US Synthetic team for coming to our school on Day of Caring and making a difference for our students and teachers!