Reflections Winners 2017

2D Award of Merit
2D Award of Excellence
3d Award of Excellence
Dancy Choreography Award of Excellence
Photography Award of Excellence
Literature Award of Excellence

Barnett Elementary held their school wide reflections contest this month and are excited to announce the winners. The theme was “Within Reach” and our students worked hard to create visual art, literature, photography, and music pieces around this theme. The winners of each category are listed below.

2D Visual Arts Award of Merit: Zackurie Felix, Adella Felix, Brynlee Larson, Henry Draper, Ty Larson

2D Visual Arts Award of Excellence: Shailyn Garcia, Abby DeGriselles, Kaeley Garcia, Eva Perkins, Allie Kaufman

3D Visual Arts Award of Excellence: Christabelle Draper, Joshua Ottesen, Malcolm Meidinger

Dance Choreography Award of Excellence: Makayla Jensen and Addison Pugmire

Photography Award of Excellence: Katelyn Pugmire, Kaeley Garcia, Shailyn Garcia

Literature Award of Excellence: Azzrin Westmoreland, Kaeley Garcia, Adella Felix, Zackurie Felix, Shailyn Garcia