Trick or Treat- Halloween at Barnett

Angela Stoddard, Andy Brace
Two Dorothy's from the Wizard of Oz
Thing 1 and Thing 2
The scarecrow, Dorothy and Tin Man posing for a picture
A minion in Mr. Brace's class!
More Halloween fun in Mr. Brace's class
A glimpse of Mr. Brace's Halloween Party

Students at Barnett Elementary sure looked different last Tuesday. We had some ninjas, Power Rangers, characters from Dr. Seuss and even a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz attending our school. No students quite looked like themselves and that is what makes Halloween at school so much fun! Students were able to strut their stuff in the morning during the Halloween Parade. The fun didn’t stop there! Many classes celebrated Halloween by having Halloween parties. Thank you to the room moms and class volunteers that helped throw some pretty great parties. We are so lucky to have such great support at our school to help us create some great memories at Barnett Elementary.