A Win for Good Behavior!

Melissa Fuhriman
Mrs. Fuhriman's class enjoying the game!
Ms. Kirgan's class having some fun with the pom poms!

Leaders at Barnett Elementary had the opportunity to attend a BYU Women's basketball game in November. Students that exhibited great behavior were able to go to the game. On the morning of the 21st, students loaded up in buses and headed for the Marriott Center. There students were given a free pom pom to use to cheer for BYU. BYU was up against UVU- in a cross town game. BYU ened up winning the game! Barnett students laughed, cheered, and danced for a chance to be on the big screen. It was a great day awarding the leaders who worked so hard to get there. Keep working hard Bulldogs! Thank you BYU for creating memories for so many kids!