It was a Monster Dash

Angela Stoddard
Mrs. Spencer out running with the kids!

As if the day of Halloween cannot get more fun, here at Barnett Elementary we had our first Monster Dash. Students were dressed in their Halloween costumes as they ran or walked for a great cause. A lap around the field was approximately ¼ of a mile and students tried their hardest to get as many laps as possible. Students were running to earn money for Barnett Elementary. The school goal was to earn $5000. The class that earns the most money, their teacher gets to Sumo Wrestle Mrs. Stoddard! The leaders of Barnett, are now out collecting money from their sponsors to help the school reach our goal. Stay tuned to find out which teacher will be Sumo Wrestling Mrs. Stoddard!


Trick or Treat- Halloween at Barnett

Angela Stoddard, Andy Brace
Two Dorothy's from the Wizard of Oz
Thing 1 and Thing 2
The scarecrow, Dorothy and Tin Man posing for a picture
A minion in Mr. Brace's class!
More Halloween fun in Mr. Brace's class
A glimpse of Mr. Brace's Halloween Party

Students at Barnett Elementary sure looked different last Tuesday. We had some ninjas, Power Rangers, characters from Dr. Seuss and even a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz attending our school. No students quite looked like themselves and that is what makes Halloween at school so much fun! Students were able to strut their stuff in the morning during the Halloween Parade. The fun didn’t stop there! Many classes celebrated Halloween by having Halloween parties. Thank you to the room moms and class volunteers that helped throw some pretty great parties. We are so lucky to have such great support at our school to help us create some great memories at Barnett Elementary.


Bulldog Pride in October

Mrs. Ross and Ms. Nash- the Alpha Dogs
Top Dogs of October
Leaders of the month in October

Barnett leaders attended the second Bulldog Pride Assembly of the year. The halls of Barnett were filled with parents, teachers and students as they cheered on the leaders and Top Dogs of the month during their victory lap. This is a great opportunity for students at Barnett to receive much deserved recognition of their achievements. Barnett Bulldogs also learned the winner of the pack points for Term 1. Congratulations to the Bulldogs in the Green pack! We start fresh with a new term. Let’s see if the Green pack can continue their lead. A special shout out to our Alpha dogs -Ms. Nash and Mrs. Ross.

Top Dog:

Kindergarten: Maci Bardsley, Ahilyn Maldonado, Todd Christensen

TK: Bentlee Jacobson

1st: Paisley Maxwell, Myles Beardall, Kazen Murdoch

2nd: Julia Mitchell, Eli Ottosen, Alex Johnson

3rd: Nyles Pyne, Kayley Bennett, Diego Zelaya

4th: Diego Gomez, Cayden Murdock, Jose Rios

5th: Nathan Walker, Jacey Muir, Irelynn Parra

6th: Raylin Rodriguez, Connor Landerman, Dan Christensen

UEI: Skyler Johnson, Aidan Hamilton

Leaders of the Month

Kindergarten: Lili Thompson, Kenzie Murdoch, Jentz Jaussi

Tk: Danny Monge

1st: Brylee Burgess, Shawn Bishop , Jasmine Palea

2nd: Alan de la Torre, Katelyn Willoughby, Adalia Bowers

3rd: Logan Davis, Mya Rivas, Sade Curley

4th: McKayde Murdoch, Sophia Green, Taylor Hanks

5th: Haley Varela, Andrew Lucas

6th: Makayla Jensen, Hunter Comte

UEI: Adam Beasley, Christian Perkins

Fourth grade investigates the Wetlands

Krissy Johnson

The fourth graders of Barnett Elementary went to Salem Pond, early in October, to learn more about wetlands. They spent the day studying the wildlife and plants around the pond. They tested the ph of the water and measured soil temperatures. They caught many bugs and compared different arthropods, looking for body parts, eyes, legs and adaptations. The students learned the purpose of wetlands and why we need to protect them. It was a day full of fun learning experiences.

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Internet Safety for the Win

Angela Stoddard
Barnett Leaders learning about internet safety!

On October 24, Barnett Bulldogs learned about Internet safety. Netsmartz presented to our leaders about how to be safe on the internet and some general guide lines to follow. He also discussed how to find a balance between technology and life. Technology can be great and is a wonderful tool that helps us in our lives. However, too much screen time can hurt us more than it can help us. Thank you to Netsmartz for taking the time to give us a great presentation. 

Fire Safety Week Art Contest Winners

Angela Stoddard

The first week of October is Fire Safety Week and our Payson City Firefighters sponsor a coloring contest for all our students in grades 1-6 to help teach them about fire safety. A winner is chosen from each grade and this year's winners are:

JT Rivera, Maddison Luckau, Naomy Ortiz, Samson Ercanbrack, Eva Perkins, and Tiffany Wilde

These students had the opportunity to go have lunch with the Payson Fire Department, see the fire station, and even ride in a Payson Fire Truck! We are so grateful for our local Fire Department for treating our students to this once in a lifetime experience! They are awesome!

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Principals 200 Club

Angela Stoddard
Principals 200 Club winners

Students at Barnett Elementary have been working hard to earn Brag Notes. When a student earns a brag note their name is added to the Principal’s 200 Club Board. Brag notes can be earned by living the 7 Habits and being a leader in our school. Once the board is full of student names we have a drawing for books and prizes. Here are the students who won for October.  Thanks for making so many good choices Barnett Bulldogs!

Image icon Principals 200 Club winners133.28 KB

Bulldog Pride in September

Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Peterson our Alpha Dogs!
Barnett Top Dogs of the month of September!
Barnett Leaders of the month of September

Just like that- the month of September has come and gone. However, within that month a few Top Dogs and Leaders stood out amongst the crowd. On Friday, September 29, we had our Bulldog Pride Assembly where we recognized those Top Dogs and Leaders of each class, and they received a certificate for their achievement. Students also learned where their pack stood in our Pack Points! Right now, Yellow is in the lead, but it is a super close race. The assembly came to a close, as our Top Dogs and Leaders did a victory lap through the halls of the school where students, teachers, and parents stood and cheered the students on for their success! Congratulations to those Top Dogs and Leaders! Barnett sure does have some awesome kids! Not only do we have awesome kids, but some pretty awesome teachers. Congratulations to our Alpha Dogs this month, Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Davis!

Top Dog:

Kindergarten: EllieMae Mellor, Kyri Gregory

TK: Brandon Crawley

1st:Jordin Salas,Brynlee Larson, Briggs Mechem

2nd: Sam Anton, Riah Tingey, Ashton Swasey

3rd: Kenia Najarro, Tanner Brindley, Dawson Egbert

4th: Emmalee Epps, Katelyn Caldwell, Emery Christensen

5th: Henry Draper, Craig Humpherys, Alexa Gonzalez

6th: McKenzie Mitchell , Kaden Kirkwood, Chloe Marshall

UEI: Mackinzey Critchlow, Chase Esplin

Leaders of the Month

Kindergarten: Lahni Miramontes, Kylar Nichols

Tk: Anthony Rivas

1st: Benjamin Miramontes, Maya Davis, Naedelin Galvan

2nd: Paige Bagshaw, Maddison Luckau, Molly Hixson

3rd: Ricardo Alvarez, Spencer Waite, Gordon Wilson

4th: Addison Pugmire, Breanna Bryson, Kyston Owens

5th: Kymber Rosenbaum, Abbey Sunday, Ethan Reaves

6th: Jason Christensen, Jocelynn Oblad, Laura Waite

UEI: Alec Cefalo, Breanna White