Term 3 Perfect Attendance Bulldogs


We celebrated our Term 3 Perfect Attendance Bulldogs this week! These students are helping us with our school WIG goal of being on time and at school everyday! Haley Bingham and Rebekah Hartman have had perfect attendance for all three Terms. They have been to school on time every day this school year! Congratulations to these awesome attendance leaders!

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Barnett's First Annual Leadership Day


Barnett held their First Annual Leadership Day today and it was a grand success! Our school has been learning all about the 7 Habits of Happy Kids and what it means to be a leader this school year as we became a Leader in Me School. Students have been using the habits at school and home all school year and today was their chance to invite the community into the school and show off their leadership skills. Students played musical instruments, cheered, greeted, danced, sang, and spoke about the 7 Habits. Those that attended were taken on a school tour where tour guides and student leaders at tour stops taught about the 7 Habits and other Leadership Programs going on at our school. Barnett's student leaders shined today!

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5th Grade Explores Electrical Circuits


Fifth Graders at Barnett Elementary explored creating electrical circuits in small groups last week. Students enjoyed creating different closed circuits. They learned how to make a circuit that powered both a fan and a lightbulb. It was a great way to conclude our unit on electricity. 

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Barnett After School Robotics Class

Barnett Elementary just finished their second round of our After School Robotics Course thanks to a partnership with UVU's School of Education Outreach Program. Each week 3rd-6th graders work with college students on how to code and program robots. The students had a great time using skills in Math, Science, and Technology. We end the course by inviting our parents to come and see what the students have been learning for the past 10 weeks and celebrate the great learning going on!

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6th grade NOVA Graduation

The 6th graders at Barnett have been working with Officer Bell from the Payson Police Department the past few months in the NOVA program. The NOVA (Nurturing Opportunites Values and Accountability) Program helps students to think about their futures as they make good choices with drugs and alcohol, electronics, and other obstacles that may come their way. Officer Bell works with the students each week teaching concepts and presenting activities for the students to particpate in. Students write their own consitution to declare what choices they will make in their lives to be able to earn their NOVA diploma. It was a great evening of celebration and the Barnett 6th grade leaders are on their way to do great things!

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Leadership Breakfast at the Capital

Barnett Student Lighthouse Team was invited to bring four student lighthouse team members to the Utah State Capital on February 16th, 2017 to have breakfast with state representatives and state senators. Students had the opportunity to discuss leadership and why it is important that it is taught in schools with the leaders in our government. After breakfast, students toured the Capital Building and even got the chance to sit in Govenor Herbert's office. They also were recognized on the floor of the senate by name by Senator Henderson, senator for the Payson area. It was a wonderful experience for these students to practice their leadership skills! 

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Dr. Seuss Family Night 2017


Barnett held its annual Dr. Seuss Family Night on Monday, February 13th. Families enjoyed dinner before attending different literacy activities held throughout the building. From making bookmarks to learning better questioning strategies for reading comprehension, teachers and the PTA worked together to give families a fun night of learning. Every student who attended also received a free book! 

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Camie Simpson Wins Crystal Apple Award

Each year, "Horace Mann representatives partner with local school administrators to recognize teaching excellence." Mrs. Camie Simpson is Barnett's Crystal Apple Teacher this year. Mrs. Simpson works tirelessly supporting, mentoring, and leading teachers everyday to be better educators. In awarding Mrs. Simpson with the Crystal Apple Award, collegue Stephanie Galt said,"

C- Contagioius laughter that we all love being a part of

A-Ambitious, always making sure everyone has what they need. 

M-Magnificent, enough said. 

I- Ingenious, no matter what the issue is Camie always as an idea to solve problems and help us get through our daily tasks.E- Energetic, excellent, effective, efficient, enjoyable, enlightening, entertaining, enthusiasticThis and more is why we love working with Camie Simpson!"Barnett faculty could not agree more! Thanks for all you do Mrs. Simpson and congratulations! 

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Barnett Bulldog Pride Assembly


Barnett celebrated all of the students and teachers hard work at the January Bulldog Pride Assembly. 

Top Dogs: 

Kindergarten: Xavier Carrasco, Drew Durrant, Kayden Farr, Luke Sorenson, Kyra Horn

1st Grade: Kaidence Peck, Maddison Luckau

2nd Grade: Zaeden Charlesworth, Gordon Wilson, Kade Davidson

3rd Grade: A'jaye Poulson, Kaija mcMillan, Jose Rios

4th Grade: Allie Smith, Harrison Egbert, Bridgett Johnson

5th Grade:Tristan Taylor, Megan Durrant Azalea Ottoson

6th Grade: Claudia Manuta, Ryan Humpherys

UEI:Alec Cefalo, Samantha Marostica

Leaders of the Month:

Kindergarten: Jacob Swartzmiller, Alejandro Hernandez, Harvey St. John, Trinity Thompson, Jezebel Buenrostro

1st Grade: Jordan Johnson, Daphne Jensen, Adalia Bowers

2nd Grade: Taygen Wilson, Tanner Brindley, Connor Millet

3rd Grade: Xochilt Pina, Sierra Bird, Breanna Bryson

4th Grade: Jackson Penwell, Brooklyn Anson, Eva Perkins

5th Grade: Mylee Haupt, Aimie Early, Hayden Murdock

6th Grade: Addie Wilson, Rebekah Hartman, Daniela Chavez

UEI: Destiny Curtis, Nathaniel Briggs

Alpha Dogs: Mrs. Cheney and Mr. Talbot

Picks of the Pack: Mrs. White's 4th Grade Class, Mrs. Taylor's 4th Grade Class, and Mrs. Moore's 3rd Grade Class 

Congratulations to all of the Barnett Bulldog Leaders! Way to PAWS to Lead! 

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