Veterans Day

Barnett Choir sings "The Star Spangled Banner"

Barnett Elementary honored our country's Veterans with a musical assembly on Nov.11, 2010. The school choir sang "The Star Spangled Banner" with Christine Muniz Directing and fourth grade teacher Hayley Kirkland sang "God Bless America." The program ended with a short video and moment of silence to honor the soldiers fighting today and the veterans who have fought in past wars.

Egyptian Mummy Day

Brancen Webster Shows off his mummy.

Teachers at Barnett Elementary make Social Studies come alive. Barnett 6th-Grade celebrated the end of their Egyptian studies with an Egyptian Mummy Day.  Students learned how to make Egyptian-style art and writing and made and wore costumes and cartouches.  They also prepared and wrapped dolls to look like mummies and mummified hot dogs and apples and stored them away to do experiments with later.

Magician Paul Brewer

Paul Brewer and Arianna Gregerson

Students at Barnett Elementary love to read. As a reward for reading daily, Barnett Elementary students attended an assembly put on by Ken Garf's Road to Success and Paul Brewer, a magician/comedian. Students and teachers alike loved his incredible tricks and hilarious jokes. To top off the assembly Chief the firefighting dalmatian, mascot for Road
to Success, was there to "pump the kids up." Everyone hopes to see them next year, so keep reading kids!

Reading Contest

Mrs. Kirkland's 4th grade class
Mr. White's 1st grade class

Reading counts at Barnett Elementary. This year the teachers at Barnett Elementary are focusing on getting their students to read daily. To encourage this, classes compete to see which class reads the most number of days in each grade level. The class that reads the most number of days that month in each grade level gets a trophy, a prize and bragging rights. For the month of October Mr. White's first grade class and Mrs. Kirkland's class won the challenge. Great job, and keep reading!

Fall Carnival

Cassidy King climbing at the Fall Carnival

The Barnett Elementary PTA had huge success with their annual Fall Carnival. Families came to play carnival games, eat great food, get their faces painted, rock climb and play on blow-up toys. Funds from this activity go toward helping the school with activities, assemblies, technology, equipment and much more. Thank you, Barnett PTA, for setting up such a great fund raiser to help support our school!

Grandparents Day

Barnett third-graders appreciate their Grandparents

Third graders of Barnett Elementary put on their traditional Grandparent’s Day performance this year on September, 30th.  The students invited their grandparents to the school to eat lunch with them and following lunch were able to take their grandparents on a tour of the school and their classroom.  The program which followed consisted of several songs and poems about grandparents.  Several students also shared favorite memories of their grandparents.

Grandma Ingrid

Hayley Kirkland
Grandma Ingrid Perkins

Grandma Ingrid is missed by Barnett Elementary.

Ingrid Perkins, the grandma helper at Barnett Elementary, has retired after 16 wonderful years of serving the children at Barnett Elementary. Ingrid is a winner of the Huntsman Volunteer Award for her outstanding service in elementary schools. She loved coming into the classroom and helping children of all ages and the children and teachers loved having her there. After the announcement of her retirement, the Barnett faculty and staff threw a thank-you dinner to let her know that she is loved and appreciated. We miss you Grandma Ingrid!

5th grade Colonial Day

Gaylynn Buys
Barnett Fifth-Graders making bread

On October 4th, the Fifth Grade at Barnett Elementary participated in the annual Colonial Days. There was bread and candle making, wool spinning and weavig, and much more. For an added bonus, Mr. Pitcher came to play colonial style with some very excited students. Thanks to all of the 5th grade teahers and parent helpers for making it a fun and educational activity.


Miranda Tarter
Alexi Olson, Taisha Howard, Danielle Pugh, Miranda Tarter, Brookelyn Smith, and Danielle Downey

Over the last three weeks Alexi Olson, Taisha Howard, Danielle Pugh, Miranda Tarter, Brookelyn Smith, and Danielle Downey of Barnett elementary folded and put together a trihectohexacontagon.  A trihectohexacontagon uses 360 pieces of multicolored paper, and is about the size of a beach ball.   Each piece of the trihectohexacontagon is carefully folded and added into the project.  The girls spent about 30 minutes a day over the course of the three weeks to complete the project.  This is like making your own huge Rubik’s Cube.

All of the girls attend Barnett Elementary and are in Mrs. Olson’s 6th grade class.   Mrs. Olson challenged the girls to construct the trihectohexacontagon, instead of the normal 12 piece dodecahedron because no one in her class has ever completed one.  These girls are proud to be the first to complete this trihectohexacontagon and love to have Mrs. Olson as a teacher.