Fourth Grade and Utah Symphony

Kyson Johns, Kaizer DePalma, and Brook Vaitohi enjoy the Utah Symphony.

Barnett fourth-graders experience fine art with the Utah Symphony. Each year the Nebo School District arranges a themed assembly with the Utah Symphony. This year's theme was "Marches." The students dressed in their "Sunday Best" and learned rhythm and meter while enjoying the marches from many countries and movies.

Clark Planetarium

Jaden Cory and Shelbi Low examine a meteorite

Barnett sixth-graders get hands-on science experience with Clark Planetarium. An assembly was arranged with a representative of the planetarium where the students got to touch a meteorite, learn about static electricity and even ignite a hydrogen-filled balloon. This is likely to be a highlight in the sixth-graders' science education.

Xavier the Alien visits barnett first grade

Xavier The Alien

Teachers at Barnett Elementary keep learning fun. Miss Ledingham's first grade class had a special visitor, Xaiver the Alien from the planet Zurk, come to their classroom to learn to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The class taught him the step-by-step instructions on how to make the sandwich and learned about sequencing in the process.

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Santa Claus

Ali Snow
Parker Simpson with Santa

The first graders at Barnett Elementary worked hard all Christmas long to earn a grade level Christmas party with a special guest of honor.  The wonderful parents brought in games and activities which the students could choose from playing and all the students got to meet with Santa Claus.  Earlier in the month, the students learned how to write letters and finished their unit by writing a letter to Santa Claus.  When Santa came to visit, he brought a treat bag and a letter back to each of the students.  It was a fun way to end the year and motivated the students to work hard the entire month. 

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Fancy Nancy

Ali Snow
Fancy Nancy with Ms. Ledingham's 1st grade class

The first graders of Barnett Elementary received a visit from a favorite book character earlier this month.  Fancy Nancy came to visit and share her stories with the children.  She also taught the students how to sort as they helped her distinguish between the fancy and plain items she brought with her.

6th Grade Fear Factor

Paige Simmons, McKayla Mangelson

Great behavior is rewarded with fun at Barnett Elementary

Celebration was in order at Barnett Elementary. Barnett 6th grade had a fun-filled Fear Factor activity for those with great behavior for the month. Challenges included pigs feet eating and the mustard marshmallow drop.

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2oo Club


The students at Barnett Elementary know how to make good choices.

Teachers at Barnett Elementary are continually watching for students doing exceptional things at school. We are excited that we get to recognize those great students with brag notes. Students that receive brag notes get to draw numbers for raffle prizes and also become part of the Principal’s 200 club. The faculty and staff at Barnett are very proud of our remarkable students and look forward to a new fantastic group of 200.


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USO Show

By Hayley Kirkland
Gaylynn Buys, Marlane Harward, Hayley Kirkland

Barnett Elementary honored our country's Veterans with a USO show on Nov.11, 2009. Three of its teachers sang "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and the school choir sang "I'm Proud to be an American" with the school librarian, Christine Muniz, conducting. The program ended with a moment of silence to honor the soldiers fighting today and the veterans who have fought in past wars.

Egyptian Mummy Day

Tori Lewis
Courtney Herbert shows off her mummy model.

Mrs. Lewis' 6th grade class at Barnett Elementary celebrated the end of their Egyptian studies with an Egyptian Mummy Day.  Students learned how to make Egyptian-style art and writing and made and wore costumes and cartouches.  They also prepared and wrapped dolls to look like mummies and mummified hot dogs and apples and stored them away to do experiments with later. 

Barnett Third Grade Appreciates Grandparents

Ali Snow

Third graders of Barnett Elementary put on their traditional Grandparent’s Day performance this year on September, 24th.  The students invited their grandparents to the school to eat lunch with them and following lunch were able to take their grandparents on a tour of the school and their classroom.  The program which followed consisted of several songs and poems about grandparents.  Several students also shared favorite memories of their grandparents. “We always love inviting family to our school and sharing with them the things we’ve been working hard on” said Ali Snow, a third grade teacher, “and it’s especially fun to have grandparents come for the day.”

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