Can You Smell What's Cooking?

Mrs. Nettleton

The halls at Barnett are going to start smelling a lot better thanks to the new items in Mrs. Nettleton's classroom. Mrs. Nettleton teaches the UEI students in grades 4-6. Thanks to Walmart, Mrs. Nettleton’s class has new appliences for their class kitchen. Walmart donated blenders and toaster ovens to the class so that they could make food in their classroom. Earlier last month, the class made dirt cups, but now with their new appliences they can make a lot more. This week Mrs. Nettleton’s class made milkshakes! Yummy! Thank you to Walmart for their generous donation.

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You're a Grand Ole' Flag

6th Grade Speaker,Jason Christensen, giving his speech that he wrote on his own.
Old Flag to be retired
New Flag

Monday September, 18

You’re a Grand Ole’ Flag rang out across the sky as third grade students at Barnett, led by Mr. Cope sang the patriotic song. The song was the beginning of a flag ceremony that took place in honor of Constitution day. Students of Barnett Elementary gathered on the grass around the flagpole singing the National Anthem, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, and listened to speeches given by 6th grade students. Barnett has retired our old flag and brought in a new. The old flag will be given to the American Legion so they may properly retire the grand ole’ Flag. Goosebumps could be felt at the flag ceremony during the time of reverence as the old flag was taken down, but it wasn’t because of the chilly morning. It has been a special day honoring our forefathers and the flag with the leaders of tomorrow.


Day of Caring

Amy Davis and Melissa Fuhriman
Mrs. Davis's class- Day of Caring
Mrs. Davis's class! Selfie time!
Mrs. Fuhriman's class enjoying Day of Caring

On September 14, Barnett had some special helpers. On this day, the first and second graders had volunteers from United Way come and teach them for the first half of the day. Mrs. Davis said, “Shawn and Jason from US Synthetic came for Day of Caring. Students had an awesome time! They were so impressed with us, they wanted a selfie!” Mrs. Fuhriman’s class also had a great time with their volunteers! Thank you to United Way and the volunteers! You definitely impacted all of us here at Barnett with your Day of Caring!

Barnett's WIG Rockin' Assembly


Barnett students enjoyed a Rock Band concert by the one hit wonder WIG Rock band last week. The W.I.G.( or Wildly Important Goal) Rock Band introduced our school WIGs for the year. As a school we will work on two Wildly Important Goals(WIGs) this year. 

The first one is to have 90% on time student attendance for the entire school year. We will award individual students, classes, and grade levels that meet our goal. Classes will have their class attendance posted outside their doors each day so we can celebrate the importance of being to school on time!

Our next school WIG is to improve 1,025 reading levels as a school this school year. As each student improves a reading level they will get to put a rock on our WIG Mountain and help us move Buddy the Bulldog up the mountain towards our goal. Students can help achieve this goal by reading at home every night, reading fiction and non-fiction, talk about books with family and friends, and participate in their reading groups here at school. 

We are excited to synergize as leaders at Barnett to meet both of our WIGs. Students will be making their own personal WIGs in class these coming weeks as well. 

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Barnett Boot Camp

Barnett cadets received orders to attend a back to school bootcamp at 0930 hours at the first of September. Cadets were marched into the assembly and greeted by General Stoddard. Once there, they received instructions on their mission for the school year: to be leaders, live the 7 habits, and keep our school clean and bully-free. 

 The cadets are excited to embark on their mission and the staff is excited to get them there. What a fun way to start off the year!

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Kindergartners First Week of School


Our kindergartners have had a great start to their first week of school! Today they went on an adventure looking for clues around the school to learn all about their surroundings. We have some pretty awesome leaders in kindergarten!

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For the Strength of the Pack

Along with brag notes this year students can also earn points for their Bulldog Pack! Last week every student spun the Pack Picking Wheel and was put into either the Blue, Red, Yellow, or Green Pack so each pack is made up of different teachers, different staff members, and students from all different grade levels. When a student is making good choices and shining as a leader in our school they may be awarded a point for their pack. The pack with the most points at the end of the term earns a Pack Dance Party. The packs spent some time together Friday afternoon creating a pack name and cheer, and getting to know each other through some team building activities. 

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