Trail of Tears in 5th Grade


We learned about the Trail of Tears/Indian Removal Act on Monday. Students learned about the different paradigms surrounding this situation. We then acted out different parts of that story using tableaus. Students then wrote a letter to President Jackson expressing their opinion on the Indian Removal Act. 

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1st Grade Graphs

Justyna Lloyd

We have been learning all about graphs in first grade! Today we were visited by a real statistician! He played 3 songs for us on the ukulele. We all voted on our favorite songs and graphed the results. Then we analyzed our graph! We are on our way to be graphing experts! 

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Term 2 Perfect Attendance Bulldogs


Our school wide Wildly Important Goal or W.I.G. for this school year is to have 90% attendance every day. These students have surpassed this goal by receiving 100% attendance in Term 2! Way to put first things first and begin with the end in mind! 

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Term 2 Perfect Attendance

Our Wildly Important Goal (WIG) for our school this year is to have 90% attendance every day. These students blew the WIG out of the water with 100% attendance for Term 2! Way to put first things first and get to school on time every day! 

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Barnett Science Fair Winners

Lisa Peterson


We are pleased to announce our science fair winners for the 2016-2017 school year!K-2 Grades:1st - Julia Mitchell2nd - Spencer Harris3rd - Cambria Wilde3-4 Grades:1st - Xavier Mitchell2nd - Abigail Harris3rd- Henry Draper5-6 GradesOverall - Brocston Murdoch1st - Addie Wilson2nd - Lyndsey Caines3rd - Keaton Hoole & Sienna HarveyHonorable Mentions:Ethan ThomasClaudia ManutaTatum BurdickAlly AnsonLexie ChristiansenMcKenzie MitchellAll 5-6 grade winners and honorable mentions will advance to compete at the district science fair on February 9, 2017.  


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2nd Grade Christmas Program

Amy Davis

Second Grade performed their Christmas program for their parents and families on Dec 22. We sang some fun, old-fashioned Christmas songs! The students were able to share what their favorite part or favorite memory of Christmas is. We were treated to hear a poem in Spanish as well! The students did a fabulous job and prepared well and quickly in a short amount of time. We are very proud of them!

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