Special Shoe Delivery


America's First Credit Union donated over 100 pairs of shoes to Barnett students right before Christmas. The selected students enjoyed opening their shoes and several had them on before the end of the day. Thanks America's First! 

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Barnett Christmas Choir


The Barnett Choir performed for the school many different Christmas songs. The students and parents alike enjoyed hearing the different songs the choir performed. They practiced twice a week in preparation with the choir director, Mr. Cope. What a great job they did! 

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December Bulldog Pride Assembly

Top Dogs for December
Student Lighthouse Team Members handing out the awards
Alpha Dogs for December
Leaders of the Month for December

We celebrated our monthly Bulldog Pride Assembly on December 23rd. We were pleased to celebrate all our student's progress, growth, and leadership skills in the month of December! This month, the Student Lighthouse Team helped Mrs. Stoddard pass out certificates to our leaders of the month and to our top dogs! 

Our Top Dogs for the Month of November were:

Kindergarten: Steven Hurd, Clare Webb, Lavendar Oler, Camden Pearson, Ryker Sloan

1st Grade: Diana Browne, Olivia Haslam, Darla Cook

2nd Grade: Regan Williams, Jaime Perez, Ricardo Alvarez

3rd Grade:Ocean Johnson, Taylor Humphries, Diego Gomez

4th Grade: Levi Barnum, Logan Reynaud, and Leila Jones

5th Grade: Hayden Spresser, Katelyn Pugmire, and Wesley Meidinger

6th Grade: Keagan Hornaday, Alfredo Gomez, and Madison Watkins

UEI: Eliza Bennett and Owen Smith

Leaders of the Month:

UEI: Adam Beasley and Toneo Hodges

6th Grade: Allie Luckau, Makenzie Pugmire, and Lyndsey Caines

5th Grade: Emma Roberston, Tiffany Wilde, and Wylee Jones

4th Grade: Irelynn Parra, Jaycee Johnson, and Ty Larsen

3rd Grade: Haley Bingham, Logan Hixson, and Coye Penrod

2nd Grade: Christabelle Draper, Kenia Solorzano, and Tucker John

1st Grade: Lilly Clark, Molly Hixson, and Kylee Lance

Kindergarten: Kira Johnson, Kayla McCauley, Sylas Christensen, Jonny Meldrum,and Adelyn Zavarce

Alpha Dogs: Mrs. Price and Mrs. Standish

Picks of the Pack: Mrs. Curtis's 3rd Grade Class, Mrs. Evans's AM Kindergarten Class, and Mrs. Comte's PM Kindergarten Class

Congrats to all of our Leaders! 

Science Fair


Date:           January 12, 2017 

Location:    Lunch Room 

Set up:        January 11 (from 3:15 - 4:00 pm)

                   January 12 (from 8:30 - 9:00)

  • Check in at the registration table to get assigned a number & a sticker before you set up.
  • Be sure to bring your journal used to document your data and tests.

 Judging:    January 12 from 9:00 - 1:00**

Awards:     1:30pm - Parents and family welcome

Open House:    2:00 - 8:00pm

  • Parents are not allowed in the display area during the judging portion of the fair. **
  • Parents, please come during the awards portion to congratulate our young scientists!


The Dates for the Nebo District Science Fair are: Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Elementary Division (Grades 5th-6th)

Where: Summit Center- 165 South 700 East Springville, UT 84663

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Student Lighthouse Team- Canned Food Drive

Barnett's Student Lighthouse Team ran a Canned Food Drive December 12th-16th. We are so proud of our students for raising  1,198 cans! Well done, Barnett! Thank you for all who donated! 

Students organized how the cans would be collected, how the drive would be publicized, and how they would motivate their fellow students to bring canned goods in to donate to local families! It was quite the undertaking, but they handled all of it. From counting cans daily, to adding up totals, to creating posters,and even clues for the mystery prize, students used the 7 Habits to help them run this canned food drive and make it a massive success! 

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Barnett Attends BYU Kids Day


Barnett attened the BYU Kids Day to see a Women Basketball Game against Weber State. Students received free season passes to BYU Womens Basketball Games! They got to meet Cosmo the Cougar and even see trick basketball shots. Perhaps the students' favorite part was getting on the dance cam! It was  fun day for all! 

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November Bulldog Pride Assembly (And Mrs. Stoddards Birthday!)


We celebrated our monthly Bulldog Pride Assembly on November 30th, which is also our principal's birthday. To celebrate Mrs. Stoddard's birthday, each class voted on the one word they would use to describe Mrs. Stoddard. Then, teachers came up and attached a balloon to her, while their students said their class word for Mrs. Stoddard. 

Our Top Dogs for the Month of November were:

Kindergarten: Coy Jensen, Jaxson Millar, Benjamin Miramontes, Jenevieve Pierre, Jordin Salas

1st Grade: Camden Sperry, Erika Sargent, Knox Christensen

2nd Grade: Naomy Hueramo, Maxson Pearson, Spencer Waite

3rd Grade; Alex Crandall, Emmalee Epps, Sam Ercanbrack

4th Grade: Elaine Camara, Brooklyn Derfler, Taylor Davis

5th Grade: Kenton Pyne, Kendall Hullinger, Makayla Morgan

6th Grade: Ethan Thomas, Isabela Zavala, Colby Coughlan

UEI: Andrew Dean, Breanna White

Leaders of the Month:

Kindergarten: Aila Walden, Chloe Gillen, Maya Davis, Jasmine Palea, Kazen Murdoch

1st Grade: Briseht Magana, Julia Mitchell, Sam Anson

2nd Grade: Porter Howard, Xander Smith, Kaeley Garcia

3rd Grade: Keller Beck, Brennan Landerman, Sadie Kearns

4th Grade: DaKoda Wentz, Henry Draper, Whitney VonAchen

5th Grade: Joehanna Harman, Mason Sargent, Meika Rupp

6th Grade: Ben Albiston, Myla Millet, Ryan Humphries

UEI: Mackinzey Critchlow

Alpha Dogs: Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. Vidmar

Picks of the Pack: Mrs. Page's Class, Mrs. White's 4th Grade Class, and Mrs. Davis's 2nd Grade Class

Congrats to all of our winners! 

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Mrs. Evans Celebrates Thanksgiving

Mrs. Evans

Mrs. Evans' class had a yummy Thanksgiving feast the day before our break.   We have been talking about what it means to synergize because when we all help, great things happen. We were thankful for all the helpers that day.  We had mothers bring food and they stayed to help prepare and serve our feast.  We also had high school students come in to help.  They brought pilgrim hats for each child, helped serve the meal and sang songs with the kids.  It was a fun day, one I think the children will always remember. 


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