Bulldog Pride in November

Top Dogs of November
Leaders in November
Blowing out the candles!

In November, we had a chance to honor those that are top dogs in their classrooms and students who are showing true leadership. In a school full of leaders it is sure hard to choose! We are so proud of our November Top Dogs and Leaders and look forward to more coming in just a couple of days when we have our December Bulldog Pride Assembly. For the month of November our Alpha Dogs were Amy Davis a second grade teacher and Spencer a UEI technician. They work so hard here at Barnett Elementary and we are so thankful for them and the work they do here in our school. This Bulldog Pride was more special than the others. It was on our dear Principal's Birthday! The whole school sang her happy birthday as she blew out 40 candles! Holy cow!

Top Dog:

Kindergarten: Kaycee Cloward, Franny Stone, Luke Johnson

TK: Garrett Nielson

1st: Camden Pearson, Harrison Wilson, Gage De La Paz

2nd: Seri Gregory, Camden Sperry, Heika Christiansen

3rd: Serenity Mylroie, Christabelle Draper, Tommy Cheek

4th: Brennan Landerman, Haley Bingham, Hayden Bowman

5th: Logan Reynaud, Tessa Molyneaux, Dillon Coughlan

6th: Makayla Morgan, Madison Tracy

UEI: Karime Delgado, Kyden Catalano

Leaders of the Month

Kindergarten: Zackurie Felix, James Draper, Carly Murdock

Tk: Brynlee Skeem

1st: Harvey St. John, Hunter Finlinson, Abby DeGriselles

2nd: Blake Kirkwood, Symphony Bales, Knox Christensen

3rd: Jayda Everson, Saphira Mylroie, Isabel Flores

4th: James Barney, Logan Hixson, Bry Pierre

5th: Ariadna Rios, Thomas Molyneaux, Ty Larson

6th: Colton Baum, Joshua Rohrbaugh, Kendall Hullinger

UEI: Destiny Curtis, Bridger Steele