Barnett's Science Fair

Gwen Spencer, Angela Stoddard

Everyone likes a good science fair, but when you are at Barnett Elementary, you will get the BEST science fair! This is such a great opportunity for students to show themselves as scientists and represent themselves in that way. We had many great experiments, and quite a few participants. It is so fun to see kids dive deeper in their learning and take the initiative to do science at home. We would like to recognize our science fair winners.

Kindergarten- 2nd grade

1st place: James Draper

2nd place: Zach Felix

3rd Place- Lahni Miramontes

3rd-4th grade

1st place: Alex and Kira Johnson

2nd place: Adella Felix

3rd place: Christabelle Draper

Honorable Mention- Kyara Miramontes

5th-6th grade:

1st place: Nathan Walker

2nd place: Makayde Murdoch and Logan Hixson

3rd place: Lexi Peterson

Our Science fair grand champ was Henry Draper! Congratulations to our winners and to all the participants. A special thank you to our judges for all of their hard work. Thank you to the BYU CHEM CAMP for coming and demonstrating at the science fair. It was such a special day.