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Barnett Elementary School Expectations and Procedures

Our final SEP of the school year is coming up on February 17th. Please click on the Sign Up button and click on the Sign Ups that you need! See you soon!

 Please remember to have your children read 20-30 minutes each night and practice math facts for 5 minutes.

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Mrs. Evans's Class Explores Shapes

KayLynn Evans

Shapes!  Shapes! Shapes!  Mrs. Evans class has been learning their 2D and 3D shapes.  One of the students' favorite activities was to draw their own pictures using the shapes.  Then they each shared what they drew and the class had to guess what their picture was about.  Some of them were pretty funny and all were very creative.  Next we will do 3D shapes using play dough! 


Sign up for February SEP Conferences


Our final SEP of the school year is coming up on February 17th. SEPs are a chance for the teacher, student, and parent to sit down and discuss the great things happening at school and set some goals to help the student. You can sign up by clicking on the Sign Up Genius button on our school web page. We look forward to seeing all our parents that night.

Along with conferences there will also be the PTA bookfair, Barnett shirts will be available for purchase as well!