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Parent Information Guide 2014-2015 

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Barnett Elementary School Expectations and Procedures


 Please remember to have your children read 20-30 minutes each night and practice math facts for 5 minutes.


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Read Across America is Celebrated at Barnett Elementary

Lynette White

Students at Barnett Elementary started their day off with their principal  Angela Stoddard Reading  “Oh the Things you Can Think”.   During the morning students from Salem Hills High School visited each classroom reading Dr. Seuss stories and talking with the Students about the importance of reading.  These students were so fun, and animated, the students really enjoyed having them visit our school.   The SHHS students adviser was Mr. Jamsa.  He brought his guitar and sang with the students.    Later that day, Mrs.

Crystal Apple Winner--Mrs. Patricia Hanson!

Ronda Hair & Clea Comte

Recently, Mrs. Patricia Hanson was selected as the Crystal Apple award recipient at Barnett Elementary.  She received it for being such a good teacher.  She does what it takes to help her students be successful. If a student is struggling she works tirelessly to find approaches that will help the students to achieve success. As one of her students was leaving her class, he hugged her and said that she was the nicest teacher he had ever had. The student was a difficult student, however because of the way Mrs. Hanson treated him, he had no idea that he had been a challenge for her.