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 Please remember to have your children read 20-30 minutes each night and practice math facts for 5 minutes.

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Storytelling Festival Comes to Barnett

Angela Stoddard

The students had a special treat for their assembly today as world famous storyteller, Charlotte Blake Alston visited our school. Charlotte told stories from all different cultures and had the kids singing and chanting and being a part of the story right along with her. It was a great afternoon and we want to thank the POPS Art Education and Timpanogos Storytelling Festival for making it possible!

2nd Grade Farm Field Day

Justyna Lloyd

Our 2nd Graders went on a Field Trip to Farm Field Days in Lehi and had a blast learning about agriculture and farming! They saw baby animals, dogs herding sheep, a bee hive, and learned about the importance of agriculture and how it helps us at school, in our homes, and all around.

Apple Day in 1st Grade!

Whitney Zylstra

The first graders had Apple Day on Friday, October 2. The students had so much fun doing different Apple Day activities and then enjoyed an apple at the end of the day. It was a fun way to celebrate them having good behavior in the month of September!