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Parent Information Guide 2015-2016

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Barnett Elementary School Expectations and Procedures

PTA Book Fair August 31-September 4

Parent Math Night this Wednesday, Sept. 2 from 4-6:30

 Please remember to have your children read 20-30 minutes each night and practice math facts for 5 minutes.

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School Registration on July 30th


Mark your calendars... Barnett School Registration is July 30th from 8:00-4:00. Come and register your children for the new school year, find out who their teacher is, and sign up for PTA and other school activities, and buy a new school shirt. 

Click below for the letter that gives more details about Registration Day! 

Also attached are pictures of the new school shirt!


5th Grade Wax Museum


Every year the fifth graders at Barnett Elementary are able to research an important person in United States history, create a speech, come up with a creative costume, and present themselves as that person during a wax museum presentation.  The students this year did an amazing job coming up with creative costumes to try to imitate the person they were representing.  Not only did they look great, but the students put a lot of time into researching their person and competently gave information as about 500 people filed through the lunch room on the afternoon of May 26, 2015.  The students di

Wild About Reading--Last Assembly


For the last reading assembly of the year, prizes were given out to students for their reading. Students were randomly selected based off of the tickets they turned in for reading and also for math fact completion.  Several other awards were presented: Winners from the 3rd-6th grade track meets, 3rd grade spelling bee winners, and perfect attendance award winners.  It was a fun assembly and a great way to celebrate all of the good reading that occurred at Barnett, and at home, this last year.