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School Community Council/Title I

Barnett Elementary has a School Community Council (SCC) that meets monthly to discuss school related issues and coordinate efforts to meet those needs. The council is made up of school employees (elected), parents (elected), and the principal. If you would like to be involved, have questions, or concerns you would like discussed, please contact a member of our SCC or call Angela Stoddard at the school (801-465-6000).

Faculty Members

Angela Stoddard-Principal 801-465-6000
Whitney Coker- SCC Secretary 801-465-6000
Coy Taylor- Teacher 801-465-6000

Parent Members

Brea Wentz (Chair)  801-787-3353
 Darla Pierre (Vice-chair)  801-960-8869
 Lauren Barnes  
Teresa Pugmire  801-717-5663

School Community Council Meeting Schedule

September 11, October 22, November 13, January 15, February 11,  March 18, April 21

Meetings start at 3:30 p.m. in Room 211

 Meeting Agendas and Minutes
September Agenda
October Agenda and September Minutes
November Agenda and October Minutes
January Agenda and November Minutes
February Agenda and March Minutes
March Agenda and February Minutes


Rules of Order and Procedure