April 2013

Fire Station Field Trip

Cheri Kunz
Students outside the fire house
Firefighter spraying the kids
Firefighter showing students the fire truck

The Barnett Transitional Kindergarten class went to the Payson Fire Station and we learned about fire safety. We got to see a fire fighter dressed up in his clothes that keep him safe in a fire. He looked a lot different with his fireman clothes on! We learned how to crawl on the floor if there is smoke in the room and how to feel a door with the back of our hands to see if it is hot. If it is hot, we should NOT open the door. We even got to spray the fire hose!  

1st Grade Zoo Trip

Whitney Zylstra
1st graders at the zoo

On April 19, the first grade students at Barnett Elementary went on a field trip to Hogle Zoo. It was such a fun day and the students were able to see many animals. Some of their favorite animals to see were the giraffes, polar bears, and monkeys. 

4th Grade Field Trip to the Natural History Museum

Katherine Hanson
Students looking at a water habitat

Barnett Elementary 4th Grade students went on a field trip to Utah Naural History Museum on March 29th.  The students and parent chaperones experienced the wonders of Utah's History and science that are unique to the state of Utah.  Everything from prehistoric dinosaurs and Native American Indians to the environments that we have been studying this year. This opportunity was provided by a grant of the Utah Science Foundation to our students to experience the Museum of Science.  A big thank you to the parents that helped chaperone this field trip. 

French Club Finale

Beth Knudsen
French Club students--Tiffany, Sandy, and Michelle
Professor Robert Erickson and French Club students Garrett and Adam
BYU Volunteers (and native French) Heidi and Gania, and French Club students Jesus Valencia Chavez and Morgan Christensen

While Spanish is an obvious language choice for many around Utah to learn and most high schools in the Nebo School District offer Spanish, German, Japanese, and Mandarin; yet, few to no secondary schools offer their students the chance to learn French.  French has a rich history in the world--at one time being THE dominant language of the aristocracy in Europe and Russia, and the language of most colonized African countries.  While most of Europe and Russia are now learning English, most African countries still remain speaking their native dialects and language or the language of their former colonizer, France.  French is an important language in the world today, being the only other language spoken by announcers at the Olympics besides English and the native language of the country where that year's games are taking place.  Recognizing the importance of French and the advantage of learning it, like any other language, at a young age, Mrs. Beth Knudsen began a French Club at Barnett Elementary this school year.

After seven months of French Club for fifth and sixth grade students who chose to come, French Club finished with a tasty ending on March 28.  Since learning about greetings, get-to-know-you questions, classroom vocabulary, adjectives to describe their looks and personality, the students were ready to write a script in French.  The French Club participants wrote their scripts in the weeks leading up to March 28th. Then on that day, four volunteers from BYU came to talk with the fifth and sixth graders, read through their scripts, and learn about French culture firsthand from two native French women.  The party was only complete with the creme puffs, crepes, chips, and root beer that were volunteered by their French Club teacher and the students.  A big thanks to Professor Robert Erickson from BYU and his student volunteers, Heidi, Heidi, and Gania!  Hopefully the love of French will carry on and the students will continue to learn French in their future schooling.

Echo Assembly

Beth Knudsen
Yodel man!
Alp horns
Barnett teachers playing the cowbells

The middle of March was broken up with a few educational, fun assemblies. One of these assemblies was the Salzburger Echo Arts Academy assembly.  These are musicians who make music based off of the music in Salzburg, Austria, using the concept of echo throughout their music.  Not only did they teach us how to yodel--and meet Yodel Man--they played music using a variety of instruments--trumpet, accordian, alp horn, and even getting the teachers involved with the cowbells!