December 2013

America First Credit Union Donates Shoes to Barnett

Angela Stoddard
Marisa opening her shoes gift from American First Credit Union

Some lucky students from Barnett Elementary received an early Christmas present thanks to America First Credit Union. For the second year in a row, America First Credit Union chose Barnett Elementary to donate brand new shoes and socks to 50 students. The lucky kids were brought altogether along with their families and on the count of three opened their gifts to find a sparkling, brand new pair of shoes and comfy socks. The students, families, and Barnett staff are very thankful to America First Credit Union for the joy they brought to our school that day. We also want to thank all the patrons who donated money to the Credit Union so that this generous event can take place. 


Becoming "Stuck" on Reading

Beth Knudsen
Brady, Domenic, and Matthew getting ready to put tape on Mr. Cope
Students waiting in line to put tape on Mrs. Stoddard
Jared Peterson and Chelsea Ruch reading while they wait after taping Mr. Cope and Mrs. Stoddard.
Mr. Cope suspended on the wall.
Mrs. Stoddard suspended on the wall.
Mrs. Stoddard and Mr. Cope after falling off of the walls.

The responsible students who turned in their reading calendar for October were privileged to take part in a taping event.  Mrs. Angela Stoddard and Mr. Austin Cope became stuck to the wall as each child who had turned in a calendar was given a piece of duct tape to tape to those two.  Since this was a slightly laborious task, the students who waited all brought books and most students read throughout the waiting period.  At the end, everyone was shocked and pleased to see that the experiment had worked--since so many students had read and turned in their reading calendars, there was enough tape to hold up both Mr. Cope and Mrs. Stoddard for a few minutes.  Mrs. Stoddard's last words of wisdom before the chair was removed were that she was "stuck on reading."  Keep reading and turning in those reading calendars, Barnett!

Annual Gobble Off

Beth Knudsen
Mrs. Stoddard with the class winners for the all-school Gobble Off
Justin Reynaud finding out he won the Gobble Off
Justin Reynaud and Mrs. Stoddard walking off with this turkey prize

Every year students get to compete for the best turkey gobble in the school.  To prepare, each class did a competition to decide on a winner from each class. Then each of those winners got to compete with the rest of the student winners in the school.  The judges for this year's Gobble Off were Mr. Don Applegate and Mrs. Shalynn Murdoch.  After narrowing down the 20 or so candidates to five gobblers, Justin Reynaud from Ms. Robyn Curtis's class won the all-school Gobble Off!  Justin won a turkey to take home; the other contestants took home a large candy bar.

Parents & Pastries

Beth Knudsen
The Neubert family enjoying their donuts
Zac, Isaac, and Ty Webster at Parents and Pastries
Clifford came to visit!
Parents & students buying books at the book fair

The second to last week in November was an exciting week! Not only did SEPs take place that week and a week-long book fair, but Tuesday was the day of Parents and Pastries! The halls of the school echoed with the noise of parents and students eating their donuts, buying books, and reading in the hallway.  It is a wonderful tradition that we're grateful we were able to continue this year thanks to the PTA!