February 2014

Barnett Shoot-Out Competition

Beth Knudsen
Addie Wilson, Lexie Christiansen, Logan Beckstead and Sami Simpson
Lexie Christiansen about to shoot a basket

The annual Nebo School District Basketball Shoot Off took place Tuesday, February 25.  Three male and three female students are chosen from grades 3-6 from a grade-level competition done by Patti Davis, the PE instructor.  The chosen six are the students who made the most baskets in one minute.  They then went on to a district-wide competition.  

The students who placed at the district competition were: Logan Beckstead, 3rd grade; Jarrett Hamon, 4th grade; Braxton Maples, Kira Muir, and Brekelle Bott, 5th grade; and Selena Vargas, 6th grade. It was a fun night of basketball shooting!

All of the competitors were:
3rd grade: Keagon Honnaday, Logan Beckstead, Brocston Murdoch, Sami Simpson, Lexie Christiansen, Addie Wilson
4th grade: Hadley Mason, Jarrett Hamon, Keyton Hanks, Marian Smith, Rebeca Serrano, Bailey Franson
5th grade: Mark Peterson, Marcus Neubert, Braxton Maples, Kassie Bowles, Kira Muir, Brekelle Bott
6th grade: Jarrett Christensen, Westlee Jones, Jonah Larsen, Taylor Hutchings, Sarah Thompson, Selena Vargas


Kindy 500

Kaylynn Evans
Students marching in the parade showing off their cars.
Up-close look at a Bat-mobile!
Addison's HUGE plane she made for the Kindy 500

On Friday, February 28th, the kindergartners had tons of fun with their Kindy 500. Riding in their homemade cars, boats, airplanes and trucks, the kindergarten students traveled around the school to learn about the White House, the Liberty Bell,  Abraham Lincoln and much more. The kindergarten teachers appreciate all those who helped to make this activity a great success!

First Grade Trip to Scera Theater

Whitney Zylstra
First grade students enjoying the Cat in the Hat show at the Scera Theater.

On Friday, February 21, the first grade students at Barnett went on a field trip to the SCERA Theatre to see The Cat in the Hat. The show was great and all of the students had a lot of fun!