April 2014

Third Grade Field Trip to the Tulip Festival

by Mrs. Knudsen's Third Grade Class

On the field trip to Thanksgiving Point for the Tulip Festival, the third graders had a lot of fun! The first thing we saw were waterfalls. We walked and walked and walked until we saw a secret garden. There were a lot of flowers (and a lot of walking!). The secret garden and Italian gardens were favorites. Students were also able to feed fish and some geese--some even saw geese nesting! Seth Hancock said, "My favorite part was the waterfalls and I loved the big hill!" Jared Peterson remarked, "My favorite garden was the Italian garden. When my group went there it had water in tubs and we kept pushing water at each other. We got wet."  The students loved growing their own tulips at school and being able to see the tulips at the Tulip Festival!

SEPs tomorrow!


Please remember that SEPs are tomorrow starting at 2:30. If you have forgotten your appointment time, contact your child's teacher (emails can be found under "Faculty"; school number can be found as a footer on this webpage).  Thank you for supporting your children!

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