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April 2015

Hoe Down at Barnett!

Submitted by beth.knudsen on Fri, 04/24/2015 - 14:43
Beth Knudsen
Learning square dance moves

Coming back from Spring Break, all the students and teachers in the school got to take part in a Hoe Down. The assembly was divided into different grade timeslots, with some students learning how to square dance, others doing the chicken dance, or other line dances.  The students really enjoyed this fun, educational assembly.

Mountain Man Rendezvous

Submitted by beth.knudsen on Wed, 04/01/2015 - 08:37
Lynette White
Claudia enjoying the fry bread

Barnett Elementary held it’s annual Mountain Man Rendezvous on Friday, March 13th.   Students dressed up as mountain men and enjoyed an afternoon spending their beaver pelts earned in class.  At the trading post students learned the value of bartering.  Parent volunteers and students tried to see who would be victorious in bartering for special items.

 Students also participated many feats of skill trying to out-do their partner in strength, skill, and savvy.  They proved which of them were the best in: catching fish by hand, leg wrestling, arm wrestling, target practice, stick pull, balance and strength activities, plus many other feats of skill.  

 When they got plumb hungered, there were buffalo chips, Bridger’s brew, and fry bread to satisfy their cravings.  To top off the Rendezvous activity, the students settled in around a campfire to hear the best tall tale tellers share their yarns.  

 Special heartfelt thanks go to the many parents who volunteered to help make this years rendezvous a success.  

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