November 2015

November Bulldog Pride Assembly & GOBBLE OFF!

Samantha Simpson is Barnett's Number 1 Gobbler!
Finalists in the Barnett Gobble Off
Gwen Spencer & Sheryl DeNaughel are our Alpha Dogs for November
November Top Dogs

Barnett had our monthly Bulldog Pride Assembly on Tuesday, November 24th. Students celebrated the teachers, classes, and individual students that best PAWSed to LEAD during the month of November. We also had our annual Gobble Off today. Students compete in their classrooms for the chance to perform their best "gobble" in front of the school. The winner earns a free turkey! The best gobbler this year was Sami Simpson!  

5th Graders Sing to Veteran's

Students pose with Army Veteran Jim Maloney. He told them stories about WWII and Korea.

Barnett 5th graders had the opportunity to visit the local Veteran's home on Friday, November 20th, 2015. Students practiced for weeks to learn the songs and even made the cards to give to the Veteran's. Many students were overwhelmed with emotion as they had the opportunity to meet and talk with these brave men and women. 

Mrs.Standish's 5th Graders Learn How the Government Works

Claudia and Ellie work together to learn about the Judicial Branch
Makenzie and Tabitha work together to learn about the Legislative Branch

Students in Mrs. Standish's 5th grade classroom are learning about the 3 branches of government and the different responsibilities of each branch. Yesterday, November 18th, they had the opportunity to gather information from many different sources around the room about the different branches of government with a partner. Students will write an essay using the information gathered in the next few days. 

All Around the World with 2nd Grade

Amy Nash

The second graders in Ms. Nash's class are collecting postcards from around the world as part of our "Postcard Project." We have received some really exciting postcards over the last couple of weeks: from Boston, Zion National Park, and even Turkey! 

When we get a postcard in the mail, we look at the picture, read it as a class, and then find it on the map. There are so many different places to learn about! After a week, we put the postcard up on our maps-- but first we copy it for our a binder so the students can keep reading them all year long. We love postcards!!

2nd Grade Loves the Fall!

Justyna Lloyd

In second Grade we took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and made an art project out of leafs! We call them leave man. Some of us made people, some of us made animals, but they all turned out great! We love the changing seasons and especially the fall and all the fallen leaves.

First Snowfall

Justyna Lloyd
We are really excited about the first snowfall for the year in 2nd Grade!

October Pick of the Pack Winners

Mrs. Sorensen's 5th grade class won for Best Computer Specialty Class
Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade class won for Keeping the Restroom the Cleanest
Mrs. Spencer's 6th grade class won for Highest Homework Percentage

It's great to be a Barnett Bulldog! This year, Barnett Elementary has focused on creating and fostering leadership skills in students. Part of being a good leader is following the rules and setting a good example. To help students practice specific behaviors of good leaders, Barnett focuses on different skills each month. Classes (or packs) that best exemplify the skill of the month are awarded the honor of being the "Pick of the Pack"!

In October, Barnett Bulldogs focused on "Highest Homework Percentage", "Best Computer Specialty Class", and "Keeping the Restroom the Cleanest". The October "Pick of the Pack" winners were honored at the monthly Bulldog Pride Assembly on Thursday, October 29th, 2015. The winners were:


  • Mrs. Spencer's 6th grade class won for Highest Homework Percentage 
  • Mrs. Sorensen's 5th grade class won for Best Computer Specialty Class
  • Mrs. Johnson's 2nd grade class won for Keeping the Restroom the Cleanest

Congratulations to the "Pick of the Pack" Winners! Thank you for PAWSing to LEAD!