December 2015

December Paws to LEAD Assembly

Angela Stoddard
Top Dogs of the month of December
Mrs. Comte's AM Class-Pick of the Pack
Mrs. Standish's Class-Pick of the Pack
Ms. Curtis' Class- Pick of the Pack

During the December Paws to LEAD Assembly we were able to spotlight our Top Dogs of the Month who were the leaders in their class in Loyalty, Excellence, Achievement, and Discipline. Congratulations also goes to Mr. Cope and Mrs. Diamond who were voted the Alpha Dogs of the Month. Mrs. Comte's AM class was Pick of the Pack for having the least amount of Tardies, Mrs. Standish's class was Pick of the Pack for Best PE Class, and Ms. Curtis' Class was Pick of the Pack for Best Walking in the Halls! It was a wonderful assembly and a great time to highlight all the awesome things happening at Barnett!

Barnett Choir Concert

Angela Stoddard

Students and parents had the pleasure of hearing from the wonderful Barnett Choir under the direction of Mr. Cope. The choir performed a Christmas program with a variety of new Christmas songs and old favorites the crows could sing along too. The choir had an outstanding performance for parents Thursday evening and then presented an encore performance for the student body the next day. Students loved hearing the choir and loved being able to sing along with them. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Barnett Elementary!

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Read to Wrap

Students who turned in their reading calendars on time for the month of November were reward Tuesday with an opportunity to wrap up their teachers in wrapping paper. Students also sang Holiday music, and were even favored with Mr. Cope's (and back up dancers) original Christmas Rap. Remember to bring in your reading calendar for the month of December to earn the next reward! 

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Donorschoose helps 2nd Grade get Ipads!

Justyna Lloyd

Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Lloyd feel so lucky to each have iPads in their classrooms! We received a grant and it has been very beneficial for the students to use the iPads daily! Students are able to listen to stories, read stories, as well as practice reading and math fluency. What a great resource

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Rain Forest Van comes to Barnett


Second grade had a visit from the Rain Forest Van! We had a blast learning about where the rain forest is on each continent, as well as what types of animals live there! Everyone got to pet the snakes, geckos, even cockroaches! It was an amazing experience for everyone!

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Principals 200 Club Winners-December

Angela Stoddard

Students at Barnett Elementary have been working hard this month to earn Brag Notes. When a student earns a brag note their name is added to the Principal’s 200 Club Board. Brag notes can be earned by making good choices, working hard in school, and being a good friend or helper just to name a few things. Once the board is full of student names we have a drawing for books and prizes. Here are some of our winners from today! Thanks for making so many good choices Barnett Bulldogs!


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Christmas Sweater Day at Barnett

Angela Stoddard

It was the first day of Christmas Spirit Week at Barnett today. We loved seeing all the awesome Christmas sweaters! Tomorrow is Dress Like a Christmas Character. Who are you coming as? Rudolph, the Grinch, an Elf, or are you going to be Santa?! Can't wait to see all the great Christmas characters tomorrow. Here are some pictures of the awesome Christmas sweaters from today.

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Christmas Shoes at Barnett

Angela Stoddard

Barnett Elementary would like to thank America First Credit Union for purchasing 100 pairs of shoes for students at Barnett. It was a great day when the recipients of the shoes all gathered together and opened their presents at the same time to discover a brand new pair of awesome shoes! Thank you again to America First Credit Union for taking care of our students!

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