April 2016

April Bulldog Pride Assembly

Top Dogs for April 2016
Alpha Dogs: Mrs. Johnson (left) and Mrs. McGuire (right)
Pick of the Pack for Fewest Think Times: Mrs. Standish's 5th Grade
Pick of the Pack for Quietest in the Halls: Miss Donoho's 4th Grade
Pick of the Pack for the Politest Class: Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade

On Wednesday, April 27th, 2016, Barnett Bulldogs celebrated had their monthly Bulldog Pride Assembly! 

The Alpha Dogs were: Mrs. Johnson (2nd Grade) and Mrs. McGuire

The Picks of the Pack Winners were:

  • Mrs. Chapman's Class for Politest Class
  • Miss Donoho's Class for Quietest Class in the Hallway
  • Mrs. Standish's Class for Fewest Think Times

The Top Dogs for the month of April are:

  • Kindergarten: Costner Gurr, Ethan Ledward, Eli Ottosen, Alex Johnson, and Adam Thompson
  • 1st Grade: Grace Trask, Conner Millet, Tomi Roper
  • 2nd Grade: Joshua Ottosen, McKayde Murdoch, Landen Jensen, and Coye Penrod
  • 3rd Grade: Whitney VonAchen, Jaycee Johnson, and Makayla Cook
  • 4th Grade: Kenadee Hanks, Katelyn Pugmire, and Gracy Garcia
  • 5th Grade: Megan Condie, Katelyn Zeeman, and Lyndsey Caines
  • 6th Grade: Leonel Ramirez and Hadley Mason
  • UEI Units: Owen Smith and Jack Pearce 

We are so proud of all of our Barnett Bulldogs and all of their hard work! 

Barnett Bulldogs Name New Payson Park

Marie Moore

At the beginning of this school year, the city of Payson asked the students in Third grade at Barnett Elementary School to participate in naming a future park located at 660 North and 450 East. (near Barnett Elementary)  This was a great opportunity to learn more about our city and city government.

First, the classes were shown where the park was and given guidelines for naming the park.  Next, the students were given several months to submit names.  After the names had been gathered, each class discuss the pros and cons of the names submitted.  Finally, all of the students in Third grade voted.The name that was chosen was Arrowhead Park because it honors the Native Americans who were the first in the Payson area and also because 600 N. connects to Arrowhead Trail.On April 20, 2016, Levi Barnum and Elaine Camara presented the name to the Payson City Council for approval.  The name was approved!  The name will be engraved on a rock and placed in the park.We enjoyed naming the park and are excited for the park to be completed


Subzero teaches 5th Grade Science


Subzero came to Barnett this afternoon to teach us about how ice cream is made. Landon, our presenter, explained the process of making ice cream and even had the kids help make some. Their favorite part was getting to eat their creations! Thanks Subzero! 

1st Graders visit the Hogle Zoo

Whitney Zylstra

The first graders went to Hogle Zoo on March 28. It was fun to see the animals and we were able to learn a lot of new facts about them. We had a blast! 

Poetry with Ms. Nash's 2nd Graders

Amy Nash

This week, Ms. Nash's second graders began their poetry unit! On the first day, they got to read all sorts of poems--some that rhymed, some that were silly, some that were just interesting or even a little weird! Then the students wrote sentences to explain what poetry is. Here are some of their ideas:

Poetry makes you feel like you're there.Poetry is written a special way.Poetry is expressions.Poetry is words that echo in your head.Poetry is magical!Poetry can be real or fake. Poetry makes you happy or sad.Poetry is fun sentences!

We're so excited to keep learning about poetry for the next few weeks!

Barnett Spelling Bee


Barnett Bulldogs participated in a spelling bee this morning! Participants were the winners and runner-ups of their class spelling bees. Students studied the same list of words and then spelt the words in front of the school. The winners were:

1st- Henry Draper
2nd- Myla Millet
3rd-Alley Anson

Congratulations to all participants!

RAD Performs at Barnett


Monday, April 11, 2015 Reese African Drummers (RAD) performed at Barnett! Students listened to this student band of drummers! They played different rhythms and songs. We loved having them visit our school and share their talented drumming skills with us! Thanks RAD!

Mountain Men Rendezvous Comes to Barnett

Coy Willes

4th Graders at Barnett have been learning all about the Mountain Men of Utah and their impact on Utah State History. In preparation for the Rendezvous, 4th graders studied specific mountain men and their way of life. They earned beaver pelts for good behavior, that they could then trade at the trading post.