September 2016

Principal's 200 Club Winners


The Principal's 200 club Winners are:

In 1st place: Keaton Hoole

In 2nd place: Molly Hixson

In 3rd place: Nikolas Larsen

Winners in Keaton's row were: Jema Jones, Ayden Robinson, Kaeley Garcia, Emeli Gomez, Kade Davidson, Maddison Luckau, Olivia Haslam, Logan Hixson, and Jazmine Renteria! 

Congratulations to all of our winners! 

Principal's 200 Club Winners


Our first Principal's 200 club winners were...

In 3rd Place...Elijah Palea

In 2nd Place... Xavier Martin

In 3rd Place... Adalia Bowers

In Adalia's row were: Mckenzie Mitchell, Kayla Morgan, Alexis robinson, Draykan Mylroie, Mason Pierce, Spencer Harris, Alex Johnson, Kaden Farr, Gage De La Paz

Congratulations to all of our Principal's 200 Club Winners!

Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind


5th graders learned all about Habit 2: Begin With The End In Mind by making maps for a treasure hunt around the school. Students then gave their maps to other students to find treasure. After their treasure hunt, students discussed the idea of having a "destination" in mind helped them to know the steps to get to the destination. They then had a discussion on how that applies to their own lives, making "life maps" about what they wanted to be when they grow up and the steps necessary to get there. It was fun to hear all of their dreams, but even more fun to see students apply this habit to their life! 

6th Grade Scientists

Lisa Peterson

Mrs. Peterson's 6th Grade class had a blast discovering the process of scientific thinking, reasoning, teamwork, and investigation! 

The Great Leader-In-Me Kickoff

Photos: Angela Stoddard, Whitney Zylstra, Shaylee Pugmire, & Darla Pierre

On Monday, September 12th, 2016, Barnett Elementary hosted "The Great Leader-In-Me Kickoff". This event was designed to help parents and families learn more about the Leader-In-Me. This is Barnett's inaugural year as a Leader-In-Me school. The Leader-In-Me helps students to implement Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into their lives.

 Families were greeted by students as they entered the school. Adults were then directed to the informational meeting. During these meeting, parents were treated to musical numbers by our 3rd graders and learned about the 7 Habits from student leaders. The Leader-In-Me program places special emphasis on having students be leaders by being involved in the school. This meeting was even directed by a 6th grader, Paige Pierre.

While their families learned more about the Leader-In-Me program, students performed various service projects throughout the school. Service projects included writing letters and cards, putting together phonics kits, cleaning the school grounds, and reading to younger students. After the parent meeting was finished and the service projects completed, the two groups met up for delicious ice cream and mingling! What a great kickoff!


5th Grade Reaction Time Visit


Discovery Gateway came to Barnett for our annual Reaction Time Visit. Students learned about the different states of matter and the difference between physical and chemical changes. Students were excited as they tested out combining different substances to observe and record their reactions.