October 2016

SEP Conferences on October 27th

Hello Parents,

It is time to sign up for our first SEP Conference of the year. SEP stands for Student Education Plan and it is a time where the student, parent, and teacher meet together to talk about the achievements the student is making in class and also set some goals. Please sign up using the link below and go to the correct sign up button on Sign Up Genius for your child so you can come and meet with your child's teacher.

We will also have the PTA Bookfair open during SEPs so you can stop in and visit the Book Fair that evening as well!

Go to the link on our webpage to sign up for a time on October 27th.

Listening Ears are Proactive

Kaylynn Evans

Mrs. Evans' kindergarten class has been practicing using their listening ears every day. They are learning that they can be proactive and be in charge of themselves. We have a classroom of great leaders.

5th Grade Buddies with 1st Grade

Pictures by Justyna Lloyd
Mrs. Standish's 5th graders tutoring Mrs. Lloyd's 1st graders

5th Graders at Barnett Elementary buddy with 1st graders to help them become stronger readers. The 5th graders go weekly into a 1st grade classroom and tutor the first graders for a half hour. Not only does this excite the 1st graders about reading, but it builds empathy and confidence in the 5th graders!

1st Grade LOVED Crazy Hair Day

Justyna Lloyd

Crazy hair day! This week is Red Ribbon Week here at Barnett Elementary! We have been talking about saying no to drugs and alcohol each day. Today our students said "Hairs to a drug free life!" 

Barnett Bulldog Pride Assembly

Buddy the Bulldog
Top Dogs
Leaders of the Month
Alpha Dogs
Mrs. Hanson's 2nd Grade Pick of the Pack
Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade Pick of the Pack
Miss Nash's 1st Grade Pick of the Pack
Our first ever victory run

Barnett Bulldogs celebrated our first monthly Bulldog Pride Assembly in September. This was a special Bulldog Pride Assembly for multiple reasons. First, the name of our Bulldog mascot was announced. Students voted for the name Buddy the Bulldog! Buddy came out and met the students and helped us to celebrate all of our wonderful accomplishments in the month of September. 

Alpha Dogs for the month of September were: Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. DeNaughel

Pick of the Pack: Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade Class, Mrs. Hanson's 2nd Grade Class, and Miss Nash's 1st Grade Class

Top Dogs are students who demonstrate excellent academic skills. Our Top Dogs for the Month of September are:

  • Kindergarten: Logan Tucker, Jose Rivas, Lily Webster, Mason McFadden, and Samuel Albiston
  • 1st Grade: Holly Christensen, Seri Gregory, and Katelyn Willoughby
  • 2nd Grade: Kayley Bennett, Tre Rupp, and Gabriel Agnado
  • 3rd Grade: Katelyn Caldwell, Joshua Ottosen, and Kyston Owens
  • 4th Grade: Braddock Epps, Jacey Muir, and Kymber Rosenbaum
  • 5th Grade: Cadence Lance, Dan Christensen, and McKenzie Mitchell
  • 6th Grade: Ryan Johnson, Giselle Pena, and Paige Pierre
  • UEI Units: Angelo Chavez and Levi Ivie

This month was the first time Barnett also had Leaders of the Month. Leaders of the month are students who demonstrate leadership skills by living the 7 Habits. Our first ever Leaders of the Month are:

  • Kindergarten: Braxton Crawley, Eliza Hazlett, AdaLynn Egbert, Tyler Kearns, and Naedelin Galvan
  • 1st Grade: Spencer Harris, Alex Johnson, and Cambria Wilde
  • 2nd Grade: Logan Davis, Noah Webster, and Dawson Egbert
  • 3rd Grade: Emery Christensen, Sophia Green, and Danielle Mitchell
  • 4th Grade: Carter Ruch, Thomas Molyneaux, and Reagan Knudsen
  • 5th Grade: Samuel Sorenson, Ava Pierre, and Connor Landerman
  • 6th Grade: Ally Anson, Keaton Hoole, and Ashton Pierce
  • UEI Units: Stetson Blackburn and Aidan Hamilton

Finally, we started a new tradition here at Barnett. After our Bulldog Pride Assemblies, students who are Top Dogs or Leaders of the Month get to go on a Victory Run. All other students line the hallways, cheering and supporting students as they join Buddy for a lap around the school to celebrate their victory! 

Principal 200 Club Winners

Picture by Camie Simpson

Here are our Principal's 200 Club Winners for October 6th, 2016. 

In 3rd Place is DAyne Harman

In 2nd Place is Sione Isaac

In 1st Place is Lea Brunger. 

Winners in Lea's row are Ayden Robinson, McKenzie Mitchell, Taygen Howse, Molly Hixson, Russel Eddie, Mya Rivas, Tyson Barker, Landen Jensen,and Alexis Robinson. Congratulations to all of our Principal's 200 club winners! Keep earning those brag notes to fill up our board again! 

Fire Prevention Contest Winners

Pictures by Trudy McGuire

We are proud to announce our Fire Prevention Contest Winners:

Lincoln Pust, Erick Angeles, Yoselyn Gomez, Molly Hixson, Emery Christensen, Sebastian Zavala, Kohen Wilding, Brocston Murdoch, and Levi Ivie

These students had the opportunity to go have lunch with the Payson Fire Department, see the fire station, and even ride in a Payson Fire Truck! We are so grateful for our local Fire Department for treating our students to this once in a lifetime experience! They are awesome!