November 2016

5th Grade Rocket Scientists


Mrs. Standish's 5th Grade class learned about reactants and products in a chemical change by making their own "rocket fuel". Students experimented with different reactants to see which combination would cause the most powerful fuel to make the biggest rocket. 

Reflections Winners 2016

Angela Stoddard

Reflections Winners 2016

Barnett Elementary held their school wide reflections contest this month and are excited to announce the winners. The theme was “What is Your Story?” and our students worked hard to create visual art, literature, photography, and music pieces around this theme. The winners of each category are listed below.

3D Visual Arts: Chloe Trask, Molly Hixson, Brocston Murdoch, Brooklyn Trask, and Malcom Medinger

Honorable Mention: Ally Anson, Myla Millet, Jacey Muir, and Xavier Mitchell

2D Visual Arts: Kaeley Garcia, Tatum Burdick, Henry Draper, Christabelle Draper, and Eleanor Perkins

Honorable Mention: Shailyn Garcia, Abby DeGriselles, Daniel Meldrum, McKenzie Ferons, and Heika Christiansen

Literature: Victoria Harris, John Humphries, Kaeley Garcia, Lexie Christiansen, and Julia Mitchell. 

Photography: Kristen Harris, Eva Perkins, and Noah St. John

Dance Choreography:Makayla Jensen

Music Composition: Ty Larson

Veterans Day 2016

Barnett Elementary enjoyed celebrating our Nation's veterans with an assembly from the school choir. The choir (composed of students from 3-6 grades) favored the school with patriotic songs, accompanied by a slide show of veterans related to our Barnett Bulldogs. At the end of the assembly, we clapped and gave a standing ovation to veterans that had joined us for the assembly. 2nd Grade also invited veterans in to our school to speak with students.  It was a great day!

Fall After School Robotics Course

Angela Stoddard

Barnett Elementary just finished their first After School Robotics Course of the year thanks to a partnership with UVU's School of Education Outreach Program. Each week 4th, 5th and 6th graders work with college students on how to code and program robots. The students had a great time using skills in Math, Science, and Technology. The Fall class just wrapped up and parents were invited to the last class to see what their children had learned. New Beginner and Advanced classes will begin for 4th,5th, and 6th graders in January.

Grandparents Day at Barnett

Robyn Curtis

Barnett Elementary School’s 3rd grade Grandparents’ Day Program was November 3rd. The students were excited to eat chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes with their grandparents for lunch. They then got to show them around the school and play at recess. Parents, grandparents, and students returned to the lunchroom for the program. The students recited poems, shared stories about their grandparents, and sang songs such as “Edelweiss” and “Grandma’s Feather Bed.” A new addition to the Grandparents’ Day tradition was teaching our grandparents about what a Leader in Me school is, and what being a leader means to us. After the performance, the 3rd graders and their grandparents treated themselves to delicious cookies. We love our grandparents and are glad we could share this special day with them!


1st Grade Band

Justyna Lloyd

This week in first grade we read the story-A Musical Day! In this story a group of kids make instruments and form bands! We did the SAME thing! Our students brought some incredible instruments, we formed bands, wrote pictures and performed for all of first grade!

5th Grade Tax Simulation


We have enjoyed our unit on the American Revolution! We even did a tax simulation where students felt what it was like for colonists to be taxed prior to the American Revolution!

Principal 200 Club Winners


We filled up our board again! Students at Barnett are working hard to earn brag notes. On Friday, November 4th, we announced our winners! Congrats students! 

Mrs. Evans Class Sees the 7 Habits in Halloween

Mrs. Evans

Halloween is always one of the students' favorite days of the year.  We've been learning the seven habits, and Lily put it best when she said, "Mrs. Evans we are sharpening the saw aren't we, and it is so fun".  That it was.  We played sight word bingo, made a ghost teen number hat, heard a story about a lady who was not afraid of anything, and we had a fun pumpkin walk with numbers and sight words.  It was a fun day for all.