May 2017

Barnett Bulldog Pride Assembly- May 2017


We celebrated our last Bulldog Pride Assembly, Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017. Here are our winners:

Top Dog:

1st Grade: Ethan Thompson, Noah Webster, Logan Curtis

2nd Grade: Kayley Bennett, Sione Isaac, Connor Millet

3rd Grade: Noah St. John, Isaac Willoughby, Malcom Meidinger

4th: Joseph Ortiz Hueramo, Makayla Cook, Andrew Briggs

5th Grade: Mason Pierce, Geddy Hirsche, Kenadee Hanks

6th Grade: Connor Hancock, Carmen Ercanbrack, Allie Luckau

UEI: Mackinzey Critchlow, Aian Hamilton

Leader of the Month:

1st Grade: Aaron Diaz, Aidan Barnes, Jaelee Bales

2nd Grade: Bianca Serrano, Diego Zevlaya, McKenna Terry

3rd Grade: Naihlee Simpson, Natalie Soto, KayLee Ivie

4th Grade: Kambree Hansen, Abigail Miramontes, Brooklyn Anderton

5th Grade: Raylin Rodriguez, Shanae Ramirez, McKenzie Mitchell

6th Grade: John Humphries, Tatum Burdick, Seth Kenney Hancock

UEI: Angelo Chavez, Toneo Hodges

Alpha Dogs: Mrs. Diamond, Mrs. Comte, Miss Curtis, Mrs. Butler, and Mrs. Kay

Barnett Kindergartner Graduates of 2017

Barnett was excited to celebrate all the hard work our Kindergartners have accomplished this school year at their graduation on Friday, May 19th. The students performed songs and pledges that they had been working on all school year. Congratulations to these awesome students and a big thanks to the teachers and the parents for helping get off to a great start in their school careers! We also gave a special thank you to Mrs. Comte, Mrs. Evans and their grandma helpers who work so hard for our students.

Barnett 4th Grade Pioneer Day

Krissy Johnson

In fourth grade students learn about Utah history. As part of a unit on pioneers, the fourth graders at Barnett Elementary had a pioneer day. The students started the day by learning about the territorial house in Fillmore. They heard stories about pioneers and learned that even pioneers occasionally played pranks on each other. Then the students got to work. Students learned how to weave, make butter, rope and candles, saw and plane wood, chisel stone, create pioneer toys and how to card and spin wool. The students quickly realized that being a pioneer was hard work! Then students learned what pioneers did for fun. They learned pioneer dances and played pioneer games. It was a very fun, busy day.

April Bulldog Pride Assembly


Barnett Bulldogs celebrated their Bulldog Pride on April 28th, 2017. We love getting together as a whole school to celebrate all the wonderful leadership things we are doing! 

Top Dogs:

Kindergarten: Brighton Derfler, Destiny Guerrero, Santiago Pinales

1st Grade: Lucky Jones, Juan Perez, Katie Horn

2nd Grade: Dominic Rigby, Gabriella Greenhalgh, Aaron Sorenson

3rd Grade: Kaylee Jackson, Brennan Landerman, Christian Najarro

4th Grade: Ethan Lau, Rain Bales,Mayela Gomez

5th Grade: Macrae Roundy, Julia Solorzano, Connor Landerman

6th Grade: Chelsea Ruch, Heidy Varela, Ashlynn-Kate Christensen

UEI: Karime Delgado, Thomas Stowell

Leaders of the Month: 

Kindergarten: Kade Meyers, Joseph Duenas-Hernandez, Eleanor Perkins

1st Grade: Lincoln Pust, Alexis Robinson, Heika Christiansen

2nd Grade: Ayden Robinson, Jaime Perez, Xander Albright

3rd Grade: Gracie Taylor, Landen Jensen, Saria Morgan

4th Grade: Ariadna Rios, Eden Davidson, Draigon Atwood

5th Grade: Colton Baum, Jade Crandall, Laura Waite

6th Grade: Lillian Gardner, Sienna Harvey, Samantha Simpson

UEI: Bridger Steele, Levie Ivie

Alpha Dogs: Whitney Zylstra, Tessa Bradley

Picks of the Pack: Mrs. Peterson's 6th Grade Class, Mrs. Tingey's 5th Grade Class, Mrs. Johnson's 4th Grade Class, and Mrs. Chapman's 2nd Grade Class. 

Congratulations to all of our winners! 

Barnett Bulldogs Penny Wars Raises over $2400 for Muir Family


Barnett Bulldogs hosted a "Penny War" for students to raise money to donate to the Quentin Muir Scholarship Fund. Quentin, a former Bulldog, passed away from cancer. The Muir Family created a scholarship fund in his memory. Barnett Bulldogs wanted to help. They donated over $2400 to the Muir Family!