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Crystal Apple Winner--Mrs. Patricia Hanson!

Submitted by beth.knudsen on Tue, 03/10/2015 - 10:48
Ronda Hair & Clea Comte

Recently, Mrs. Patricia Hanson was selected as the Crystal Apple award recipient at Barnett Elementary.  She received it for being such a good teacher.  She does what it takes to help her students be successful. If a student is struggling she works tirelessly to find approaches that will help the students to achieve success. As one of her students was leaving her class, he hugged her and said that she was the nicest teacher he had ever had. The student was a difficult student, however because of the way Mrs. Hanson treated him, he had no idea that he had been a challenge for her. He felt like she was the nicest teacher he had ever had. That is a great example of the kind of teacher she is.

Mrs. Comte said, "I have worked with Mrs. Hanson for 14 years.  She is always eager to do what is best for children to feel successful. She is concerned about their self-esteem and building on their strengths.  She is open to new ideas and trying them out in her classroom.  She differentiates in her classroom to meet the different learning styles.  I appreciate being able to go to her for feedback on challenges I am having in my classroom.  She is a great team player and wants what is best for not only students but for her fellow teachers as well.  I enjoy working with her and appreciate her positive attitude."

We are lucky to have such a great teacher at our school!