Mountain View Hospital and Barnett Elementary: Leaders Supporting Leaders

          The students sat on the blacktop, anxiously awaiting the arrival of a helicopter at their school. Never before had a helicopter landed on the back soccer field of Barnett Elementary. They could hear the sounds of a helicopter, which only built their anticipation. When they finally saw the helicopter come around school building, many leaped out of their seats in excitement! A helicopter landing at Barnett: a memory that will stay with them their entire life!

        How was this once in a lifetime experience made possible? Mountain View Hospital CEO, Kevin Johnson, came to Barnett Elementary yesterday via helicopter. Barnett Principal, Mrs. Stoddard, also was able to ride with him, which was quite the surprise for the students!  Mr. Johnson was so impressed after attending Barnett’s 1st Annual Leadership Day that he wanted to celebrate the leaders of Barnett Elementary by bringing the medical helicopter to Barnett and allowing the students to tour it! Additionally, Mountain View Hospital provided popsicles and custom made bracelets to every student! Mr. Johnson also spoke with students about the value of leadership in their community and how excited he is to see the students learning about leadership at such a young age. He celebrated their success at Leadership Day and also talked with them about careers in the healthcare field.  

          Barnett faculty, staff, and students are thrilled to see so much support from Mountain View Hospital and Mr. Johnson, a community leader and example. We are very grateful for his help in fostering leadership in our students and supporting them at Leadership Day. Thank you, Mountain View Hospital, for being leaders that support leaders!