Setting Goals

January is the month for setting goals. But how many times do we actually keep them? Here at Barnett we set our goals in August and work on them the entire school year. I thought it would be great if I taught you how we make and keep our goals a focus all year long. We call our goals WIGs. WIG stands for Wildly Important Goal. One of our WIGs this year is that Barnett Students will make a years growth in reading. Staying focused on our goals is important. Sometimes it is easy to lose focus in the whirlwind of life. Tracking your goal will help it stay fresh in your mind. We use lead measures to help us do this. Lead measures are things that we can control that will help us reach our goal. For example, some lead measures we use are: read every night at home, participate in guided reading groups, read different types of books, and talk about our reading. These are things that we can track and things we can control everyday. In turn, doing these things can help us with our goal of becoming better readers. We meet with our accountability buddies to help keep us accountable for our lead measures, so we don't lose motivation. So this year, when you set a goal make sure it is specific. Know exactly what you want to achieve. Think of what you can do to help you get to your goal and track those daily. Get an accountability partner that you can talk to to help you stay motivated. That's it! You'll be accomplishing goals before you know it? Don't believe me? Check out the picture. We have here, five, 1st grade students who have already made a years growth in January and their classmates in the background cheering them on! Not sure how to get started? Ask your child. They can tell you all about WIGs!