100 Days of School Charitable Fundraiser

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Pennies by the Inch Fundraiser

* EXTENDED:  January 9th through January 20th *

The students and staff at Barnett Elementary are celebrating our first 100 Days of School by participating in a charitable fundraiser for Primary Children's Hospital ... celebrating 100 years of helping children!  Thank you for your support!  

Our Student Lighthouse has organized the following fun activity for the week:

Students can bring their extra coins and vote each day during lunch to see what Barnett likes the most.  We will have a desk set up in the cafeteria to vote.  All the money earned will be added to our Primary Children's Hospital charitable fundraiser to help children who are sick. 

Each day we will vote on something different:

  • Tuesday:  Cats vs. Dogs
  • Wednesday:  Ice cream vs. Cake
  • Thursday:  Snow vs. Rain
  • Friday:  Teachers vs. Students 


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*Flyer with donation envelope was sent home Monday 1-09-23.

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