Art Contest Winners

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on Wed, 09/15/2021 - 12:42
picture of dragon
students holding artwork
students holding artwork
students holding artwork

Mrs. Tiffany Wilde, our art teacher, held a contest for any and all students to contribute artwork to be selected to hang in the district office. There were so many wonderful entries, that she had students vote. The winning artwork was by Robby Curtis in Mrs. Flint's 5th grade class. His dragon art will represent Barnett at Nebo School District offices. The other great art that students loved will hang in our very own Bulldog Art Gallery. 

All winners who received a book and a token:

Robby Curtis (Flint)

Norah Harrison (Nash)

Syris Griffin (Staheli)

Brantley Valenzuela (Veach)

Jocelyn Perez (Sonntag)

Wyatt McKinney (Baird)

Getty St. John (Buchanan)

Stephan Hill (Buchanan)

Peyton Ralphs (T. Taylor)

Grace Pino (Fuhriman)

Daxton Carpenter (Christensen)

Judy Joslin (Christensen)

Jade Barrett (Moore)

James Draper (Sheets)

Celeste Powell (Sheets)

Connor Reed (Sheets)

Brooklyn Larsen (Ostler)

Lizet Zavala (Ostler)

Brayden Marchant (Ostler)

Haze Wignall (Ostler)

Olivia Pugmire (Ostler)

Kaizlyn Meador (C. Taylor)

Audrey Joslin (C. Taylor)

Lavender Oler (Flint)

Alice Harrison (C. Taylor)


Sarah Sumsion