Barnett Spirit Day Fun Run Fundraiser

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Spirit Day Fun Run

We are so excited to hold our annual Spirit Day Fun Run again at Barnett on Friday, October 1, 2021, for our school fundraiser AND to provide a new Barnett school shirt to EVERY student this year!  Please have your student wear their BRAND NEW School Shirt (coming this week!) for our Spirit Day Fun Run!  If you would like to purchase additional school shirts for $8.00 each, please contact our front office.  Students will receive an envelope with a donation form on Monday.  They can collect pledges for how many laps they run, or as a simple donation.  Our goal is for each student to raise $5, which will help us meet our goal of $2,000 for our school!  Parents are invited to come cheer for their children during their assigned Fun Run time.  THANK YOU for your generous donations supporting student learning and leadership at Barnett!


Kali Brown