Brag Board Winners

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We are so excited to see students making such good choices that they receive a brag note. From the brag note it is delivered to the principal and read over announcements in the morning. Next, their names are put on the brag board and when the board is full, winners are randomly selected.

The top 3 winners receive a token, wristband and a book. Our top 3 winners are:

  • 1st Abby DeGriselles 
  • 2nd Kaden Neilsen
  • 3rd Jude Shaffer 


The bullseye winners are all the students with their names surrounding the 1st place winner on the brag board. They receive a token and a wristband. These students are:  Benji Miramontes, Ryland Dey, James Draper, Emily Ochoa, Kaizlynn Meador, Arath De La Torre, Olivia Dean, & Jayden Terry

Congratulations students! Keep earning those brag notes!