Classified Employee of the Year - Mrs. Thayne!

Submitted by sarah.sumsion on

Congratulations to Mrs. Thayne for being recognized as the Classified Employee of the Year for Barnett. Miss Nash wrote a dedication to her, but it certainly represents how we all feel about her:

Sherri is so very deserving of the Classified Employee of the Year award.  This is only her first year back at Barnett and yet she has already made a huge impact on almost every student and teacher in the building. Sherri has a way with kids--I might even call it magic. Our students know that she understands them, she cares for them, and she is rooting for them. At the same time, she pushes them to work a little harder and to be a little better. Whenever we need her, Sherri jumps into action with grace and enthusiasm. We can always count on her to support us in a difficult situation. Sherri is kind and positive, but she also keeps it real. That realness is part of her greatness. We all need to laugh at the chaos sometimes. To sum up this gem of a human: we're so lucky to have Sherri Thayne at Barnett!