Crystal Apple Award Winner

Submitted by maddie.inman on Thu, 01/13/2022 - 08:58
Sarah Receiving the Crystal Apple Award
Sarah Receiving the Crystal Apple Award
Sarah Receiving the Crystal Apple Award

Congratulations to Sarah Sumsion, who is the recipient of the Crystal Apple Award this year. Sarah really goes above and beyond to make our school a better place! Here are some things colleagues of hers have to say,

"Sarah is so positive and helpful. She is a great Esser team member and always willing to take time to answer questions or find the answers for us. She is very organized and takes great notes during our meetings. She always gets to scribe when we need a poster made as she has great fancy handwriting. Sarah always has a smile on her face and you can tell she cares about the kids and faculty at Barnett." - Patty Hanson

"Sarah is an amazing individual all around. She welcomed me to this school with open arms and has taught me the ropes of working with students. She has given me great mentor and friendship advice. She is always willing to help students be the best version of themselves. I am very grateful to be have her on my team!" -Zinthya Lopez

"Sarah is very helpful and takes the time to explain things simply so I can understand exactly what she is talking about. She is very knowledgeable and answers all my questions and has great suggestions. Sarah is very understanding, professional and happy." -Jenna Dodds

We are so grateful for Sarah and all her contributions to Barnett Elementary!