Keyboarding Competition & Winners

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We had a great year of keyboarding with our 4th and 5th graders! These students qualified to participate in the school competition:

5th Graders

  • Quintin Ady - CHAMPION
  • Dawson Epps
  • Sylas Christensen
  • Brittney Burgos
  • Adalynn Egbert
  • Savannah Trujillo
  • Emma Adams
  • Bentley Hanks

4th Graders

  • James Draper - CHAMPION
  • Cambri Salisbury
  • Kyri Gregory
  • Mone Wolfgramm
  • Maya Dilworth
  • Sabrina Holloway
  • Angy Gomez


The champions received a "golden keyboard" and special certificate. Way to go students for working hard in keyboarding this year!!  Thank you, Mrs. Tuttle, for teaching us well!


Lorraine Tuttle