Mrs. Natalie Veach - Crystal Apple Award Winner

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We love Mrs. Veach! She teaches our 1st-3rd graders in the ACC class. She was nominated and selected by her peers to be the Crystal Apple Award recipient, as being an educator showing exemplary qualities.  Here is what her fellow teacher had to say about her:

"From the moment I met Natalie, I’ve felt blessed to work with her.  I’m going to list a few reasons to show why she’s so awesome.

  1. She is easy to talk to.  As we all know, some days in teaching are great and other days can be frustrating.  Natalie has a talent to listen wholeheartedly and then kindly empathize with the situation and share her opinion without judgment.  She often allows me to talk through a concern and in the process reflect on a solution with her guidance.

  2. She gets to work and doesn’t complain.  During these first few years of teaching, Natalie has had many difficult situations to manage and she has handled them with grace, humility, and a desire to learn as much as she can.  

  3. You leave a better person after visiting with her.  She has a gift for seeing the positive in people and highlighting their strengths.  She does this with her students and she does this with her co-workers.  She genuinely cares and builds people up around her.  

Quoting “Wicked,” these song lyrics sum up how I feel about Natalie, “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”