Utah Symphony Experience for Nebo Fourth-Graders

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4th Grade

The Utah Symphony arrived in Nebo School District to continue the tradition of hosting the Utah Symphony for Nebo fourth-grade students this year. It was an exciting day as bus after bus arrived at Maple Mountain High School (MMHS) on Tuesday, October 11, 2022. 

Excited students and teachers streamed across the sidewalks in their best concert wear and quickly filled the auditorium. The theme for this year’s concert was “Symphonic Fairytales.” The music wove a magical story and ended with pieces from The Nutcracker that were familiar to many of the students. The symphony director took time between each song to talk about what was happening in the music, introduce instruments, and provide historical context. 

The Nebo District K-12 Fine Arts Specialist, Karen Kidd, was able to attend both concerts and share in this experience. Watching the last of the students file out of the auditorium, Karen said, “Fourth-graders attending the Utah Symphony concert is a longstanding tradition in Nebo. We love the arts and embrace opportunities that allow students to experience live performances. One student excitedly told me as he passed by, ‘I guess it is time for me to put in some practice time on my violin if I want to play like that!’ There is something magical about being in a performance space and experiencing music on this level with your friends and other students your age.”

A special “Thank You!” to all who helped make this event happen: fourth-grade teachers, elementary principals, office staff, transportation, event services, MMHS student council, MMHS administrative team, MMHS custodial staff, chaperones, the amazing fourth-grade students, and the Utah Symphony. The tradition continues!

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Lana Hiskey