December 2021

December Bulldog Pride

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Congratulations to our Bulldog Pride winners this month. Our Top Dogs and Leaders of the Month from each class were given a certificate, wristband, token and book. 

Our Alpha Dogs, as nominated by the faculty are Mrs. Powell (resource teacher) and Mr. Sasser (custodian).

Our Dog Gone Great Parent as nominated by teachers is Bethany Epps.

Keep up the great work Leaders!

Barnett School Board Presentation

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On December 8th Barnett was able to present to the school board.

Mrs. Brown introduced our students.

We had James Draper give a speech on his reading goal.  

Kyri Gregory gave a speech on growth mindset.

Abby DeGriselles gave a speech on our school mission statement.

Kaydie Utter performed an original song "Together We Are Better".

Principal's Brag Board Winners

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We are so excited to see students making such good choices that they receive a brag note. From the brag note it is delivered to the principal and read over announcements in the morning. Next, their names are put on the brag board and when the board is full, winners are randomly selected.

The top 3 winners receive a token, wristband and a book. Our top 3 winners are:

  • 1st Evelynn Bowers
  • 2nd Reagan Penrod
  • 3rd Garrison Roylance