Carnival Fun!

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The PTA Carnival on Friday, September 21st, was a huge success!  The PTA provided the means for kids to play on blow-up bouncy houses, obstacle courses, and other fun equipment.  Teachers, parent volunteers, and volunteers from the high school also manned booths so that the students at Barnett could use their skill and luck to win prizes.  One of the most popular games was Flush 'Em, a game in which students try to throw a ball at a small lever which then pours a bucketful of cold water onto the waiting person's head.  The PTA also provided treats and food for the carnival--pizza, cotton candy, soda, sno cones, and nachos to name a few.  This was a great and successful activity for bringing the Barnett community together.  Thank you so much to our wonderful members of PTA who organized this for us!

Beth Knudsen