Catching the Fire at Barnett

Submitted by beth.knudsen on

December 20th ended with a fun assembly to celebrate the students who have been reading 20-30 minutes every day and studying math facts five minutes every day.  Several students received prizes, such as Kayden Rupp, Mason Davis, and Yaretzi Salmeron.  The big prizes of the day were the bike give-aways in the lower grades and the iPod prize in the upper grades.  The bike winners were Cheyenne Turpine and Jacoby Fitzgerald.  The iPod winner was Emma Cloud.  

The inside assembly was followed by the outside water balloon extravaganza. Students who had turned in their calendar for both October and November were able to through a water balloon at teachers.  Some of the teachers dressed up for the occassion, such as Mrs. Patty Hanson and Mrs. Marlayne Harward.  The students had a blast throwing the water balloons at the Barnett faculty; the teachers were grateful it was the warmest day of the week at 30 degrees.  It was a fun, motivating assembly.  Keep up the reading!

Beth Knudsen